Becoming a Signal Provider

To become a Signal Provider click on the Trading Account that you want to convert into a Strategy from the My Accounts tab.

In the next page you will see a green or blue Become a Signal Provider button in the top right corner of the page. The color of the button depends of the account type you chose, blue represents Demo accounts and green represents Live accounts. Live accounts also have an additional field on the button, this is where Signal Provider can set the commission for the investors following their strategy.

To become a Signal Provider simply select the Commissions per million you wish to charge the investors who are mirroring your signals and enter the desired Strategy name in the blank Name field. Demo accounts are not able to charge a commission.

Clicking the button will convert your account into a Strategy. When your account becomes a Strategy all the previous accounts statistics will become available for potential investors to review and all new trades will be broadcast to cMirror users and Traders will be able to freely Mirror your Strategy in their own account.

Note: Attempting to create a strategy without a name will prompt an error message. You must name your strategy before proceeding.

When your strategy is being broadcast Investors can find it using search bar on top of the strategy page. Your Strategy also has a unique URL for you to be able to direct Investors to your profile allowing you to promote your strategy to users outside of the existing cMirror user base.

Note: Your strategy will only be visible if there was at least one position open(ed) in the account.

You can stop providing Signals at any time. You only need to click your Signal Provider account under My Accounts tab to navigate to your strategy profile, then click on the grey Stop providing Signals button in your Account Page. Keep in mind that when you do so, all your clients’ positions will be closed immediately.