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Logging In to cMirror

To log in to cMirror you need a cTrader ID. A cTrader ID can be created in cTrader or in cMirror. The cTrader ID is your personal identity for all Spotware’s Platforms like cTrader, cTrader Web, cAlgo and cMirror. Creating a cTrader ID is free, no credit card is required, and no future charges will be applied.

Your cTrader id will give you access to amazing features besides Mirroring, like Email Alerts and Cloud Stored Workspaces. cTrader ID is not a Trading Account and should not be confused with the Trading Accounts of your broker.

To create a cTrader ID you can either click on the Sign Up button inside My Accounts or on the cTrader Menu.

After you click the button the Sign Up window will appear.

Enter your Email, the name of the cTrader Id you want to have and your Password. After you are done click Sign Up. A message will appear explaining that you have to go to your inbox and click on the verification link provided. After you click on the verification link in your inbox you will have your own cTrader ID!

After you create your cTrader ID you need to link your trading accounts to it. You can link your trading accounts by pressing the "Plus" button in "Accounts".

A window will pop up where you can choose your Broker and type your Account Number and Password. You can add as many of your Live or Demo Trading Accounts as you want and from any broker you want.

After you Link your Accounts to your cTrader ID you can start Mirroring Signals.