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The Watchlists feature is designed to allow users combining symbols into the groups to follow the dynamics and trade the listed symbols only. cTrader allows creating the unlimited number of the Watchlists, with the unlimited number of Symbols in them.

The Watchlists tab is the default cTrader mobile tab from where you can navigate to all trading operations. When tapping on a symbol, the symbol overview is opened. Tapping the Sell or Buy buttons opens the Create New Order menu with the respective direction.

The default Watchlist when you start the application is Popular Markets, which includes the basic currency pairs, commodity symbols, and stocks. This list is not editable, but you can copy it and make his own list on its basis, adding and removing symbols of his choice.

A user can create the new Watchlists, adding and removing the symbols from them, or switch between the preferable lists with the Watchlist picker.

Creating Watchlists

  1. To create a new Watchlist tap the current Watchlist name to the upper left (Popular Markets by default).

  1. The Watchlists list will open. If you haven’t created the watchlists before, then Popular Markets is the only in the list. Tap Create Watchlist.

  1. Enter the name for the new Watchlist (New Watchlist in the example) and tap OK.

  1. Select the required symbols in the Add Symbols menu. You can select the symbols directly from the sections or use the advanced search. Tap the stars next to the symbols to select them. When done tap Back.

Now your Watchlist with the selected symbols is created and ready to use. Note that the number of the open position for each symbol is displayed next to each symbol in the Watchlist.

Managing Watchlists

The Watchlists list also allows switching between the existing list, renaming and removing them. When a Watchlist is selected it means that you are now trading using this list. Tap the required list to select it. Tap the pencil icon to rename the list or bin icon to remove it.

Adding Symbols

Tap the plus icon to add or remove symbols from your list.

In the Add Symbols menu tap the stars next to the required symbols to add or remove them. When done tap Back. Now you Watchlist is modified.

Alternatively, search the required symbols with the advanced search and add them to your list.

Removing Symbols

To remove the symbols from the list tap the pencil icon - you will proceed to the Edit Watchlist menu. Tap the stars next to the required symbols to remove them. When done tap Back. Now your list is modified.

Find Symbols

Use the advanced search to find and trade the symbols that are not intended to be added to your lists. Tap the magnifier and select your symbol or type the symbol name in the search field and select it from the search results.