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Active Symbol Panel (ASP)

A symbol is a financial instrument, any tradable asset purchased by an investor. cTrader is a multi-asset-class CFD trading app that allows investors to profit from stocks, indices, commodities, Forex, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

The Active Symbol panel (to the right) provides access to all details about the selected symbol and allows entering trades directly from the panel. The panel is displayed by default but in case it is hidden proceed to the Layout settings and select Show Active Symbol Panel.

Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl+s to toggle the Active Symbol Panel.

Click on the symbol title () to the upper left to select an active symbol from the suggested lists from the drop-down.

Select All Symbols to see all the symbols available for trading, sorted by markets. Click on the market to expand it, then click on the symbol to select it.

You can also filter symbols by typing in the name of the symbol in the search box above or click Watchlists to select a symbol from one of your Watchlists.

New Order Section

The Active Symbol New Order section is located right under the symbol title, it allows placing orders of all 4 types - Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit orders. To place an order, select Order type and direction, specify volume, specify Stop Loss and Take Profit levels if prompted and click Place Order.

Symbol Information

The Active Symbol contains all the comprehensive symbol information right below the New Order section. Click on a drop-down button next to the desired section to expand it. Here you can view:

  • Market Sentiment - the overall attitude of the investors toward the symbol. Hover over the Market Sentiment to see the exact percentage of client accounts that expect the price to fall or rise.
  • Market Details - the full list of the Market Details of the symbol, including Base and Quote assets, Minimum Change, Pip Position, Lot Size, Commission (per Lot), Minimum and Maximum Trade Quantity, Swap Long and Shot, 3-Days Swap, Buy and Sell Positions, FIX Symbol ID.
  • Inverted Rates
  • Market Hours - the open market schedule for the symbol.
  • Trade Statistics (All Trades) - the full statistics of trading the symbol within the current trading account.
  • Leverage - the required leverage for trading the symbol.
  • Links - the useful links to Google and Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.