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Workspaces is a cTrader cloud feature that allows users to set up and save different cTrader settings that can be used from multiple accounts, with different brokers, and on different devices. One can create as many Workspaces as he needs and use them across different brokers and different computers, by logging in with his cTrader ID.

Workspaces organize various software settings:

  • Charts and Chart configuration
  • QuickTrade parameters
  • Color theme, Layout, Language, and sound settings
  • Asset display settings
  • Symbols List settings
  • In-app notification settings

Note that Workspaces created in cTrader Web does not work in the desktop version of cTrader and vice versa.

Managing Workspaces

After the first login, cTrader automatically creates a new Workspace (My Workspace) for you. All the changes you make will be automatically saved in My Workspace.

To create a new Workspace, hover over the My Workspace drop-down to the upper right of the screen on the cTID bar, and select Save WorkSpace, type in the name, and сlick Save.

To delete a Workspace, hover over the My Workspace drop-down list, then click the x sign next to the Workspace that you want to delete and confirm your action.

All changes are automatically saved when you switch to another Workspace or close the cTrader Web app.