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Chart viewing options

The chart viewing options let you choose which lines and features are displayed on the chart and which are hidden.

Positions and Orders

The Positions and Orders options show lines across the chart at your entry rate(s), stop loss(es) and take profit(s). You can use these lines to modify your trades, limit orders and stop orders. See chart trading.

Bid and Ask price lines

Bid and ask price lines will move up and down with each tick of the current spot price.


Places a grid in the chart background

Period separators

Places vertical lines across the time axis to help you get a faster overview of when price action occured.

The lines will appear at different intervals depending on the chart's time frame.

Tick volume

Tick Volume represents the number of tick changes that occur within a candlestick / time period.

It is used because there is statistically a high correlation between tick volume and liquidity volume; a high number of ticks up and down is usually a good indicator of high liquidity within the same time period.

Deal map

Shows you details of past trades on the chart.

To view more information on any deal, hover over the deal point.

To keep deal information in view, click once on the deal point.

Chart scale

Shows a scale at the top right of the chart to help you quickly approximate the pip length of candlestick.

The Chart Scale automatically adjusts to best suit your chart's time frame and zoom level.

Price Axis Overlay Buttons

The Price Axis Overlay Buttons are the “Detach Chart” and “Chartshot” buttons in the top right corner of your chart that become visible when mousing over a chart and exist to quickly access those functions. Disabling this will permanently remove those buttons, thereby allowing prices to be viewed at all times this also preventing users from accidental clicks.

Price Alerts

Shows the alerts you have set as yellow dashed lines on the Chart. You can use the badge on the right to move the alerts or click “x” button to remove them.

Market Sentiment

Market sentiment indicator is a bar below the Sell and Buy buttons throughout the application. It displays the percentage of long versus short positions of other traders using cTrader. This feature allows evaluating the traders’ expectations for the given symbol. Hover over the bar to see the exact percentage of short and long positions. Keep in mind that this indicator can only be used for the major Symbols, which are offered by multiple brokers, for example, exotic crosses are not supported nor are indices and other asset classes not offered by all cTrader brokers.


These are a green dashed line on your charts, which represent Targets, mousing over will display more details. Targets are the prediction of the price movement provided by Trading Central. You can use Targets for creating market orders with TP & SL according to their scenario, although, you have to consider that the provided information does not guarantee successful deals.

Please review the disclaimer before using the functionality.

Changing Colors of the Chart Elements

To change the color of any chart element, click on the chart with the right mouse button and choose Color Options from the menu. You can also use the button located to the right of the QuickTrade buttons inside any chart.

The second menu is a list of available elements, find the one you want to modify and choose the desired color. Keep in mind that you can always restore the default color scheme by choosing Restore Defaults option.

You can choose color from those that are already present, use the color pallet to configure the one you need or you can enter the 6-digit HEX color code.

You can also navigate to the background image window from here.