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ChartShots is a quick and easy way to share snapshots of your charts in just a couple of clicks


Take a ChartShot

To take a ChartShot

  1. Click the ChartShot icon in the toolbar
  2. Select the chart you want to share
  3. Move your mouse over the chart and click once

Your ChartShot will open from your local folder, in your browser, or both (depending on your settings). ChartShots also work with detached charts, and you can resize the chart to produce a different size image.

ChartShots Settings

From the QuickLinks toolbar at the top right of cTrader, you can edit your ChartShot settings.

Show in Broswer

ChartShots will open in a unique URL with multiple sharing and embedding options available.

Show in Folder

This will save the ChatShot as a .png file on our computer, and open the folder on your computer when a ChartShot is taken.

Show List

Will open an HTML list of all previously taken ChartShots with links to local files and URLs.

Show Folder

Will open your local folder where ChartShots are stored.