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cTrader has a full set of technical analysis indicators and studies. You can also use custom indicators in cTrader, which you can download from


Add an indicator to a chart

To add an indicator to a chart

  1. Mouse over the Indicators icon from the top of any chart or from the right-click context menu
  2. Select an indicator. In cTrader Web, you can use the search field to quickly filter indicators as you type.
  3. Adjust your indicator settings
  4. Click OK

Depending on the indicator, it will appear on the chart (such as the moving average) or below the chart in a separate windows (such as the Relative Strength Indicator).

Modify an indicator

To modify an indicator

  1. Select an indicator from the object list in order to bring up the Modify Order window.

    For indicators in a separate window below the chart, you can also double click inside the window to bring up the Modify Order screen.

  2. Change the indicator parameters.
  3. Click OK.

Delete an indicator

To delete an indicator, you can

Click the X next to the indicator name in the object list.

For indicators that appear below the chart in a separate window, you move your mouse inside the right margin of the window and click X.

Custom indicators

You can download custom indicators by going to

cTtrader is a dedicated community for users to share and collaborate on trading robots and indicators.

To add a downloaded indicator to your cTrader platform

  1. Download or move the indicator to My Documents > cAlgo > Sources > Indicators.
  2. Open the cAlgo platform. If you don't already have it, you can download cAlgo from your broker's website (or download here if you're just using the demo
  3. Click on the Indicators tab from the Robots/Indicators menu on the left.
  4. Find the Indicator you want to use.
  5. Click the Build icon . If the build is successful, the icon appearance will change to .

The Indicator will now be available in your cTrader platform under the Custom category.