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Accounts and login

Account Types


Hedged accounts allow traders to:

Have both BUY and SELL positions open, for the same symbol, at the same time. Have multiple BUY, or SELL positions open, for the same symbol, at the same time


Netted accounts allow traders to:

Only have one position open, for the same symbol, at the same time. In this account type positions of a BUY or SELL direction will be closed by orders of the opposite direction


Let’s assume a trader sends 3 orders in the following sequence:

  1. 100k BUY EURSUD

On a Hedged account after his orders are filled, he will have 3 positions.

  1. 100k BUY EURSUD

On a Netted Account he will have No positions, because:

  1. The first order will open a 100k EURUSD position
  2. The second order will close 50k out of his 100K EURUSD BUY position
  3. The third order will close the remaining 50k out of his 50k EURUSD BUY position.

Account Options

The following options are available in cTrader

Shariah Compliant (Swap Free) Accounts

A Shariah Compliant account meets all the requirements of Shariah law and the principles articulated for “Islamic finance”. Administrative Fees are charged instead of Swaps for accounts that have this option enabled.

AMF-compliant (French Risk) Accounts

An AMF-compliant (French Risk) account is an account that is in line with AMF requirements.

An AMF-compliant account has the following unique behavior

  • A Guaranteed Stop Loss is always required when opening a position.
  • A Guaranteed Stop Loss cannot be removed when the position is opened.
  • This option is available only for hedging accounts.
  • QuickTrade is not available for these accounts.
  • Trade side of GSL can not be changed.
  • Trailing Stop Loss is not available.
  • For this type of account some Symbols might be disabled by the broker.

Open an account

Live Account

To open a live cTrader account, please contact your broker.

Demo Account

A Demo Account offers a risk free trading environment for practise purposes. Functionality and market rates are identical to a live account, and the account will use ‘virtual’ funds. The demo account is completely free, and you cannot withdraw any virtual funds gained from the account.

To create a demo account

Click cTrader > Open Demo Account OR Click the icon and select Demo Account.

  1. Fill in your personal details.
  2. Name: Your full name
    • Email: Your login information will be sent to this address
    • Country: Country of residence
    • Deposit: The virtual deposit amount.
    • Currency: The currency of your virtual funds. Use the same currency you plan on using for your real account.
    • Leverage: Up to a maximum of 100
  3. When you have entered your details, click I Agree – Create Account.

Your login details will be sent to the email address you entered.

Sign In

When you launch cTrader, the sign in window will appear. If you do not see the Sign In screen, click cTrader > Login.

To log in to your demo account enter your Account Number and Password and click the Sign In button.

Remember Password

By checking this option your login details will be automatically filled in whenever cTrader is opened. If you have multiple accounts, cTrader will fill in details of the last account for which you checked this option.

Remove an account

To remove an account from your cTrader account list

  1. Move your mouse over the account number in the accounts list and click X.
  2. Confirm by clicking Yes.

The account will be removed from the list after confirmation.