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cTrader ID (cTID)

What is a cTrader ID

A cTID is a set of credentials used for signing in across all cTrader platforms. The cTrader ID (cTID) is used to access all cTrader platforms across different brokers by using a single account.

A cTrader ID is different from a trading account and it’s important to understand the difference. A cTrader ID is a username and an associated password, because the username is linked to an email address you may use either the email address or username to sign in with the password. An account number is a seven digit number used for logging into your account with a broker, a trading account can only be used with the specific broker it belongs to.

Multiple accounts can be linked to a single cTrader ID for easy access and fast switching between them. It is simpler to use a cTrader ID because you use your own email address or username and a single password. You may have several trading accounts made up of different random numbers and with different passwords, a single cTrader ID is far more convenient.

This diagram shows the connection between a cTrader ID and Trading account.

A cTrader ID holds the access your Trading Accounts. Your trading accounts hold details related to trading and they are specifically for using cTrader with your broker, they hold information such as your account balance, deposit currency, leverage, open positions, pending orders and historical trade information.

Note: A Trading Account is specific to the broker it was created with and can only be used in their version of cTrader.


This table highlights the different characteristics between a cTrader ID and a Trading Account.

cTrader ID Trading Account
Can be used with any broker and in any cTrader platform. Belongs to a broker, can only be used in their own cTrader platforms.
Reset password by clicking “forgot” to get a new password sent to your email. Contact your broker to change password if you forgot.
A chosen username or your email address which you can change at any time. A seven digit random number which you cannot change.
Does not store any trading or financial information. Contains all trading and financial information about your account with your broker.

Create a new cTID

You can create a cTrader ID either by signing up using the pop-up form inside the platform or from the cTrader ID website which launches when you open cTrader. You can use your email address or create an account using Facebook or Google sign in services.

Note: When using Facebook or Google sign in service the email registered for that account will be used for your cTrader ID.

Connection with Facebook or Google is used for login purposes only - cTrader will never post or publish anything on your social accounts, and your cTrader activity will not be visible

Delete cTID

You cannot delete your cTrader ID, neither will Spotware delete it for you. In case you don't want to use your cTID any more, you can just unlink your trading accounts and link them to another cTrader ID.

Change Email, Username, Password of your cTID

Forgot cTID password

You can reset your cTID password by performing the following steps:

  1. Click the login button and you will get transferred to the new login page
  2. Click on the "Forgot?" button in the password box.

  1. You will be taken to the password reset screen, here you should enter the email address used to create your cTrader ID.

  1. Check your email inbox for the new password.
  2. You should change your password to something new, that you will remember.

Note: Check your spam folder or other folders in your inbox if you do not find your new password.

Change Email, Username, Password

When you are logged in to the cTrader ID Website, you have the ability to change your Email, Username and Password by clicking on your cTrader ID and selecting 'Settings'.

You will be taken to the settings page where you are able to change your Email, Username and Password.

Link a Trading account to your cTID

You can link your trading account to your your cTID by logging in to both at the same time. Once the you are logged into both accounts the synchronization process will take place. This will check if the trading account is already linked to another cTID, if not, it will automatically be linked to the cTID you are logged in to. A trading account can be linked to only one cTID at a time.

You can also ask your broker to link the account for you.

Unlink Trading account from cTID

If you wish to unlink your trading account from your cTID, you need to contact your broker

Having Trouble

Here are some common queries about a cTrader ID.

You're trying to reset the password but not getting the email with a new one.

Spotware regularly performs updates and maintenance on weekends. If you are trying to reset your cTrader ID password on the weekend your new password may be delayed because of disruption caused by the maintenance.

Your email is not recognised, but you definitely have a cTrader ID?

If you used the Facebook sign in service, the email which corresponds to your Facebook account may not be your primary email address which you are using to sign in to your cTrader ID.