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Account bar

The Account Bar is an easy way for users to switch between multiple accounts. It contains a Dropdown List and an Account Button.

The account bar displays:

  • Account number
  • Demo or Live account
  • Base currency
Account Button

Click to open the Accounts window where you will find the following options:

Sign In

Sign in to your Demo or Live account.

Demo Account

Create a Demo Account and start practicing trading using virtual funds.

Connection Settings

Manually configure proxy settings. This helps to connect from certain corporate networks and ISPs.

Accounts Dropdown List

Select from a list of available accounts

Note: In order for the account to appear in this list, you need to log in by going to cAlgo > Login and checking the Remember Password box.

Sign in to a different account by clicking on the account number from the list.

Remove an account from your cTrader accounts list by hovering over the account number in the list and clicking the X button.

The account will be removed from the list after confirmation.

Attention: Removing the account does not close your account with your broker. It’s still possible for users to log in using a 'removed' account’s credentials. If you would like to completely close your account, please contact your broker.