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The Autochartist is a market-scanning tool designed to highlight the best trading opportunities, helping traders to decide what and when to trade, finding good trade opportunities in real-time. These opportunities are represented on price charts, so a trader can choose trades by simply evaluating the images. You can find detailed information on the Autochartist here.

cTrader has an integrated Autochartist tab in the TradeWatch where you can view the detailed Autochartist trading info. Select the Autochartist tab in the TradeWatch to proceed to the Autochartist section.

There are three types of patterns that Autochartist identifies as trade opportunities – the Chart patterns, the Fibonacci patterns, and the Key Levels. All three types of patterns are based on support and resistance levels. Select the desired pattern from the drop-down to the upper right.

Click on a symbol line in the grid to open the selected chart in a new window.