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cTrader application has 4 different layouts, which change the appearance of the platform to fit user’s needs.

Default Layout: includes Charts section, Symbols section, and Orders section. Chart Trading Layout: includes Charts section and Orders section. Chart Only Layout: includes only Charts section. Market Analysis Layout: includes Charts section and Symbols section.

The below image clarifies exactly what the Charts, MarketWatch and TradeWatch sections are.

You can toggle the layout by using the button on the top right panel or clicking F11 (for desktop version only) until you reach the needed one.

You can also choose specific Layouts from the Preferences menu in the Layout sub-menu.

Full Screen Mode

To enter the full screen mode you can click on the button on the top right panel or hit F12 (F11 for web version). In this mode, all the external elements will be hidden, which allows you to fully concentrate on trading. You can also find the option to enter full screen screen mode inside the preferences menu.

Chart Modes

Chart Mode defines the way for multiple charts to be placed in Charts section. There are three Chart Modes:

Multi-Chart Mode: In this mode the size and the place of every new chart you open are predefined. After opening carts, you can change their positioning, but the size will configure automatically and can not be changed manually. Single-Chart Mode: In this mode every new chart you open will be displayed in a separate tab, similar to the web-pages in popular browsers. Free-Chart Mode: In this mode every new chart you open will be placed in a specific spot in your Charts section. After the charts are open, you can freely change their sizes and positions.

To change the Chart Mode, you can use the Chart Mode buttons on the control panel that is located on the right side of your application by default. Although, keep in mind that the position of this panel can be changed by undocking it and placing it in a different location.

Font Size

The “Font Size” button allows changing the font size throughout the application. Keep in mind that there is a difference between changing the font size for web and desktop versions of cTrader. In the web versions you have only three options for the font sizes: Small, Medium and Large. In the desktop version, you have a slider bar, which allows you to make the font size exactly as you want. As you change the font size all platform elements react according to the font size.


You can change both the image, image opacity and the color of charts area background.

Color: To change a background color click on the chart with a right mouse button and choose Color Options from the drop down menu find the Background line and choose the desired color. You can also use the quick button for Color Options located near the Quick Trade panel.

Image: To change the background image click on the chart with a right button and choose “Background Image” option. In the newly open window, you can provide an image for your chart background whether via URL or as a local file from your computer. You can set the opacity of the image, the area the image should cover and how the current changes should be applied.

You can find more images by pressing the folder icon or at