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Rate Conversions

These steps are used for the rate conversion of :

  1. Quote CCY -> Base CCY
  2. Base CCY -> Deposit CCY

Formula: (opening rate - closing rate) * volume

Please note that for profit and in general for conversion calculations do not use the pips shown in cTrader, but the rates from the opening and closing deals (since cTrader truncates rates to 4 digits).

The type of rate (BID or ASK) is chosen according to the deal direction.

For example if the closing position is SELL a BID price is used, while if the closing position is BUY an ASK price is used.

Example 1

Account: xxxx Base Currency: EUR

(1.52179 - 1.52231)*30000=15.6AUD

Convert to EUR

15.6/ 1.52231 = 10.2475 the server of course rounds this to 10.25 or alternatively 15.6 *0.065693= 10.2476 =>10.25

Example 2

Account: xxxx Base Currency: GBP

The 2M order was filled partially:

1.6M order: (1.54172-1.54209)*1400000=518AUD

Convert to EUR 518/1.54209 = 335.907 EUR

Convert to GBP 335.907 * 0.84476( Base Currency -> Deposit Currency) = 283.76£

600K order:

(1.54172-1.54158)*600000 = 84AUD

Convert to EUR 84/1.54158 = 54.489 EUR

Convert to GBP 54.489*0.84486( Base Currency -> Deposit Currency)=46.4£