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The cTrader platform supports thousands of currency pairs, commodity symbols, stocks, indices, metals and other tradeable assets.

Expanding a Symbol

When a Symbol is clicked, details will be shown in the bottom of the MarketWatch, this section is the Symbol Panel. This section can adjusted and detached.

This feature can be disabled by right clicking the MarketWatch and selecting "Symbol Panel: Off".

Symbol options

Add to Favorites

Adds the symbol to your favorites list.

Symbol Info

Show more information on the symbol, including swaps, maximum leverage and maximum order volume. You can bring up the same information by right clicking on the symbol and selecting Information.

New Chart

Opens a new chart for the currency pair. You can also use the right-click menu to open a new chart.

New Order

Open the order screen with the symbol selected. You can also right click on the symbol and choose New Order to bring up the same screen.

Daily High and Daily Low

These two fields display the lowest and the highest prices that occured for the symbol during the last 24 hours.


Select or type in a volume amount to trade.

Limit Order

Select a price at which to place a buy / sell limit order. See Pending Orders.


Start typing in the Search field to filter matches.

Detach a symbol

Symbols can be detached from the platform to act as a standalone tradeable widget. When detached, the symbol and symbol options always appear on top of your other windows.

To detach a symbol, simply click symbol handle and drag outside the MarketWatch.

Daily change

Daily Change lets you track the day's rise and fall in pips and percentage points for all currency pairs. You can choose to have the daily change displayed permanently or only on symbol mouseover.

To change how daily change is displayed, right-click on any symbol in the MarketWatch and select Daily Change: Mouseover or Daily Change: Always Show.

Note: Daily Change is calculated from 00:00 using your broker's server time, not the User Time.

Group Settings

For each group, you can set whether to trade using Lots or Units, by clicking on the settings button that appears when you hover the cursor the group title.

Symbol Search

The cTrader platform supports hundreds and even thousands of symbols across a variety of asset classes. For your convenience, all symbols are broken down into different groups based on assets class.

Examples of groups are as follows:

  1. Popular markets: includes the most commonly used symbols, according to the broker.
  2. Metals: includes all the metal assets offered by the broker, for example, gold or silver against USD or EUR
  3. Energies: includes all the energy assets offered by the broker, for example, Brent Crude Oil against USD or EUR
  4. Indices: includes the indices offered by the broker, for example, US500 or FRANCE40
  5. Forex: includes all the currency pairs offered by the broker
  6. iShares ETFs: includes all the Exchange Traded Funds offered by the broker.
  7. EU Shares: includes the shares of EU based companies and corporations offered by the broker. Often broken down into categories by countries or the industries within the country.
  8. US Shares: includes the shares of US-based companies and corporations offered by the broker. Often broken down into categories by industries.
  9. Asia/Pacific Shares: include the shares of Asia/Pacific based companies and corporations offered by the broker. Often broken down into categories by countries and the industries within the country.
  10. Powershares ETFs: includes all the Powershares offered by the broker

Please keep in mind, that the broker can customize the default groups in order to meet the traders’ needs.