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Workspaces is a feature which lets you set up and save different platform layouts that you can use from multiple accounts, with different brokers and on different computers, but only on the same type of platform. This is a cloud feature and requires you to have and be signed into cTrader ID.

Workspaces created on cTrader Desktop cannot be loaded on cTrader Web, due to the mild variations between the application features.

A saved workspace will include the following saved preferences. This is not entirely definitive as it is subject to change.

  1. Open charts (including any modified properties such as time frame, color changes, objects and indicators applied to the charts)
  2. Chart templates
  3. Favourite symbols.
  4. Preferences (QuickTrade settings, layout selection, sounds on/off, etc)
Save a Workspace:
  1. To save the workspace click on "My Workspace",
  2. [image]
  3. Click "Save Workspace"
  4. [image]
  5. Enter a name and click the "Save" button to save a new Workspace or click the "Save" button on an existing Workspace to replace it.
  6. [image] [image]
Deleting a Workspace

To delete a workspace, simply identify the workspace you want to delete from the dropdown menu and press the x. You can not delete the workspace which you are currently using.

Note: The active workspace is saved when it is closed, either by switching to another saved workspace or closing the application or the browser window. What can sometimes occur is that the saved workspace can become corrupt, at which point it can not be loaded and therefore the default layout will apply. This can occur for multiple reasons, however as an example; if you have multiple instances of cTrader Web open and modify the workspace on one, depending on which order the browser sessions are closed will affect how the workspace is saved, and can on occasion lead to it becoming corrupted.