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The Deals tab is your complete history of all deals that have filled or attempted to fill your orders.

Deals tab overview

Click on the Orders tab to bring up a complete list of all orders and order options.

  1. Search: Use the search box to filter the deals list.

  2. Columns: More information on each order. Right click on any column to choose which columns to show or hide. Click and drag any column to reposition it.

  3. Info icon: Click to open popup with detailed information on the deal.

  4. Statement: Click to produce an HTML statement of the current deal view, including current columns and column order. Click on the dropdown arrow to choose a preset or custom time period.

History tab columns

Column Description
ID Unique deal ID
Status Current status of the deal.
Direction Buy or Sell.
Symbol Traded instrument.
Opening Time Exact time and date of the opening deal.
Closing Time Exact time and date this deal was closed.
Entry Price Executed price of opening deal.
Closing Price Executed price of closing deal.
Closing volume Amount of volume closed by this deal.
Commission Commission paid on this deal.
Swap Swaps charged or earned from this deal.
Gross (currency) Profit and loss before swaps and commission.
Net (currency) Profit and loss including swaps and commissions.
Balance (currency) Account balance after close of this deal.
Pips Profit or loss in pips.
Channel Platform or method used to open the deal.
Requested Volume Initial volume requested by deal.
Label This is a field used by some trading algorithms to identify trades or groups of trades.

Note: While trading robots cannot be run in cTrader, if you are using robots in cAlgo with the same account, any executed positions will appear in cTrader.

Search and filter your deals

You can filter your deals using the search field and filter dropdowns.

Search field: This will filter all your deals as you type. For example, if you type "EUR", the list will instantly be filtered to show only deals which have the Euro as either the base or quote currency. You can only search one field at a time (for example, typing "EUR pending" will not return any results).

Statuses dropdown: Filter by status. Status can be one of the following:

  • Filled: Deals that were completely filled.
  • Partially Filled: Deals that were only partially filled.
  • Rejected: Deals that were rejected by the liquidity provider.
  • Error: Deals that encountered an error while attempting to fill.
  • Missed: Orders that encountered an error.
  • Internally Rejected: Deals that were rejected by the broker.

Position Impact dropdown: An 'Opening' position impact deal is one that opened or added volume to to a position. A 'Closing' position impact deal is one that closes or partially closes a position.

Channels dropdown: Filter by platform that was used to open the requesting position. If the position was opened by telephone to your broker, the field will show 'Phone Trading'. If the deal was created server-side (for example, a stop out deal), the field will show 'cServer'.

Deals info window

You can filter your deals using the search field and filter dropdowns.

Field Description
Deal ID Unique order ID.
Status Current status of the order.
Position Impact The effect of the deal on its position. An 'Opening' position impact means the deal was the opening deal of a position, or added volume to an existing position. A 'Closing' position deal means the deal fully or partially closed an existing position. Deals that were not filled will have this field empty.
Symbol Traded instrument.
Direction Buy or Sell.
Fill Time Rate at which the deal was filled.
Fill Rate Amount of volume filled.
Offsetting rate The VWAP rate of all deals for this position with an ‘Opening’ position impact.
Requested Volume Initial volume requested when the deal was created.
Filled volume Amount of volume filled
Closed by Deals that closed any volume opened by this position.
Closing Opening deals that were closed by this deal.
Closed by volume Total volume of ‘Closed by’ deals
Requesting Order Order ID for the order that created this deal.
Requesting Position Position ID for the position that created the order.
Resulting Position Position ID for the position opened by this deal
Position Impact Effect of deal on position.
Offset Algo First-In-First-Out
Channel Platform or method used to open the deal.
Label Label applied to the deal.
Symbol Traded instrument
Direction Buy or Sell
Requested Volume Initial volume requested by the deal.
Filled Volume Amount of initially requested volume that was filled
Opening volume Amount of volume opened by this deal.
Entry price Rate of the opening deal.
Closing price Rate at which deal volume was closed.
Opening price Rate at which volume was opened by this deal.
Client Buys Amount of currency bought in this deal (markup included)
Client Sells Amount of currency sold in this deal (markup included)
Matching Time Time that LP match was found for this deal
Opening Time Exact time of deal fill
Execution time Time in ms from Matching Time to Completed Time
Realized Swaps Swaps collected or paid for this deal
Realized commissions Commissions paid for this deal
Net Realized P&L Profit and Loss including swaps and commissions
Gross Real. P&L Profit and Loss before calculating swaps and commissions
Market Snapshot ID for Market Snapshot. The Market Snapshot shows you the prices and volumes that were available at the exact moment the deal was triggered.

Market Snapshot

At the bottom of the deal info window, you'll find the market snapshot, which shows you a precise list of the prices and liquidity that were available at the exact moment your deal was filled, partially filled, rejected, missed, or encountered an error.

This transparent view helps you make sure you are always being executed at the best available price, and to see why rejections may have occurred.


Click the Statement button at the top of the deals list to create a n HTML statement of all your positions, orders and deals.

Your statement will be saved as a print-friendly HTML file that you can open in any browser. The folder location for this file will also be opened automatically whenever you create a new statement.

The statement will extract your current position, order, deal and transaction views as they are currently set up, including the columns you choose to show, the order of the columns, and any filters you have applied.

You'll also see a totals summary below.