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Depth of Market

cTrader is the first retail platform to offer 3 different Depth of Market types.

Depth of Market (DoM) refers to the available liquidity at different price levels of a currency pair.



The VWAP DoM displays a list of expected VWAP prices next to a list of adjustable volumes. It's especially useful for traders who use larger ticket volumes, and for those who frequently trade using the same range of tick sizes.

To trade using the VWAP DoM

  1. Select a volume amount using any of the price lines. You can select an amount from the dropdown list, or type in an amount with your keyboard.

    The VWAP price will change to reflect the expected VWAP price of executing at the set volume.

  2. Click on the price to execute a market order.

Standard DoM

The Standard DoM offers an overview of available liquidity for a particular currency pair.

Liquidity amount is listed next to each available price.

In the image below, there is shown to be 2.95m of available liquidity at the 1.32871 price. The red and blue bars are simply a graphical representation of liquidity.

Price DoM

The Price DoM offers the most detailed market view, and is ideal for precision trading.

It shows a list of prices up and down from the current spot price, and the liquidity available for each price.

Liquidity can be clicked to enter limit orders and stop orders. Orders will be placed based on the volume selected in the MarketWatch.

To trade using the Price DoM view image

Open a trade
  1. Select a volume amoutn from the symbols list or favorites.
  2. Bid and ask prices are listed in the middle. Move your mouse to the left or right of any price to place Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop and Sell Limit orders.
Close a trade
  1. To close an open order, move your mouse over the order amount in the middle column and click it.
  2. To cancel a limit order or stop order, click the x next to the ticket size.
  3. You can also choose to close all sell orders, buy orders, sell positions or buy positions, by using the close buttons at the bottom.

    Keep in mind that using these close buttons will only close orders and positions for that particular currency pair.