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The section below provides detailed information on what cTrader Bonuses are and how they work. cTrader bonuses work the same way for every broker.

Even though cTrader Bonuses are clear and transparent, this guide should not be considered an alternative to reading your Broker's Terms & Conditions, it is important you understand their policies.

Brokers and Introducing Brokers with access to the cTrader Partner Center can give Bonuses to their clients.

Bonuses can be converted into Balance depending on each broker's settings.


Active Bonus

The bonus amount that can be used to open positions by adding it to the account's Equity.

The amount of Active Bonus can not exceed 100% of the accounts unrealized Profit & Loss + Balance (Cash Equity), therefore this value will fluctuate according to live conditions.

Available Bonus

Is the total amount of Bonus that has been added to the account, this value is only affected if Bonus is converted into Balance or more Bonus is added to the account.

Last update: February 6, 2023