cTrader Bonuses in Practice

If an account contains USD 200 Balance and has no open positions, and therefore no unrealized Profit & Loss, and has USD 1000 Bonus, the Unrealized Bonus (Equity Only) Total / Active summary would appear as follows:

The Active Bonus will be USD 200. The Active Bonus will be added to the account's equity, as follows:

In this case, the balance remains USD 200, however, the Equity will be USD 400.

If the conversion criteria set by the Broker is USD 1 for each USD 200,000 traded, and a position for 100,000 USD/JPY (or 1 Lot) is opened and shortly closed, the criteria to convert USD 1 will be met.

After midnight UTC, all of the above parameters will be corrected according to those conditions.

  • Total Bonus will become USD 999
  • The balance will become USD 201
  • Active Bonus will become USD 201
  • Equity will become USD 402

Last update: February 6, 2023