3.5. Change a Trader's Balance

Method URL
POST /webserv/traders/{login}/changebalance

Changes the balance of a given account.


Parameter Parameter Type Required? Data Type Description
login path Yes integer The number of a specific trading account.

Request Body

Key Required? Data Type Description
comment No string A short note that can be attached to any balance change. This note is not shown to retail clients.
externalId No string A number that matches an external identifier of the broker’s choosing. For instance, the value of externalId could be equal to the number of the bank transfer order through which the user chose to make a deposit.
externalNote No string A brief comment that can supplement a deposit or a withdrawal. In contrast to comment, this text is displayed to retail clients.
login Yes integer The number of a specific trading account.
preciseAmount Yes number The precise amount of withdrawn or deposited funds. Specified as a decimal number. For BTC and similar assets, the value of preciseAmount can include as many as eight digits after the decimal point.
source No string The designated source of the deposit/withdrawal.
type Yes string The desired type of balance change. The possible values include DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW.


Key Data Type Description
balanceHistoryId integer The unique number designating the balance history of a specific trading account.

Request Example

curl -X POST ‘https://HOST:PORT/v2/webserv/traders/8673590/changebalance?token=04d95575-c9af-42fba72e-2f0ce93f01d4’ -H ‘accept: application/json’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{"comment": "any", "externalId": "34456778", "externalNote": "example", "login": 8673590, "preciseAmount": 123.45, "source": "wire", "type": "DEPOSIT"}’

Expected Response Status Code


Response Example

    "balanceHistoryId": 6340680

Last update: February 6, 2023