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7. Concluding Remarks

7.1. Requirements for Brokers’ CRM Systems

Spotware’s OAuth flows and InApp controls introduce additional API calls, conformance tests, and requirements on brokers’ CRM systems. Nevertheless, their deployment should be a comparatively smooth process. To facilitate the implementation of the OAuth flows and InApp controls, brokers’ CRM systems are suggested to meet the following criteria. Please, note that only three of these conditions are non-mandatory.

Condition Mandatory?
Dedicated login/signup, account creation, and InApp action screens pages are prepared by the broker. Yes
The screens accept the required URL parameters. In addition, the custom login/signup screen attributes users based on the partner ID (when relevant). Yes
The screens accept optional parameters and modify the page contents accordingly. No
The broker’s client area creates a new user when sending an API call to the cTrader backend. Yes
The broker’s CRM system generates correct OT tokens. Yes
The broker’s CRM redirects users to a success URL while retrieving the relevant OT token. Yes
The broker has developed a new API allowing the cTrader backend to exchange the OT token for a long-term access token. Yes
Users are correctly redirected to a success page along with a related OT token. No

7.2. Possible Directions for Future Development

Adding custom menu buttons constitutes a possible direction for the future development of InApp controls. Similarly to ribbons, custom menu items could be assigned with fully customizable links, icons, and InApp actions. For example, custom menu items could be used to enable users to contact their broker’s support, open a help center page, initiate KYC checks, and request to become an IB. In our estimation, custom menu items will empower brokers to provide users with quick and easy access to several important actions.

Last update: February 6, 2023