This section defines the key terms used in this technical documentation. General-purpose terms are not included unless their meaning sufficiently differs from their ordinary definition.

Broker OAuth. A series of flows enabling traders to engage in user creation/authorization actions without leaving cTrader. Spotware’s OAuth solution still uses brokers’ respective client areas as user creation/authorization servers.

Broker’s client area/CRM system/backend. A software suite belonging to a broker. In general, such systems allow managers to perform several actions embedded into the broker’s business flows including (but not limited to) making withdrawals/deposits, creating accounts, and passing KYC checks. These procedures are only available to existing authorized users.

cTrader/cTrader backend. A piece of software designed and distributed by Spotware Systems. This backend suite allows for managing, creating, and authorizing users within the cTrader environment.

Application/platform. These terms denote the cTrader mobile applications (both iOS and Android), the cTrader web client, and the cTrader desktop suite.

One-time (OT) token. A one-time access token that is generated by a broker’s client area as a response to a request sent by the cTrader backend. OT tokens can also be generated by brokers’ backend systems automatically when authorizing existing users or creating new users.

Long-term access token (accessToken). A long-term access token that is similarly generated by a broker’s backend when responding to a request from the cTrader backend. Alternatively, in the automatic re-login flow, brokers’ CRM systems are tasked with validating an already existing long-term token. Long-term tokens are issued for an indefinite period determined by individual brokers. Please, note that the long-term token is only issued if a user selects the ‘Keep Me Logged In’ (or a similarly named) option during creation/authorization.

Partner/IB/introducing broker. An individual stakeholder whose main responsibility is to attract new clients to brokers; successful client acquisitions typically result in the provision of monetary rewards. In most cases, the term ‘client’ in the above definition designates either individual users or their respective accounts.

InApp controls. A set of UI controls available to the end users. Interacting with an InApp control should result in the platform performing an associated InApp action (defined below).

InApp action. An action that, from a user’s perspective, needs to be taken within the trading platform but is, nevertheless, carried out within a broker’s CRM system.

Last update: February 6, 2023