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1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose of the Documentation

This technical documentation defines the API calls made when working with Spotware’s broker OAuth flows and InApp controls. As such, the document is intended as a practical guide to the deployment of these solutions.

1.2. Structure of the Documentation

  • Section 2 includes the general provisions and rules for working with the API calls covered in this document.

  • Sections 3 and 4 describe the API calls made as part of Spotware’s OAuth flows and InApp controls.

  • Section 5 contains several flowcharts summarizing the main OAuth and InApp flows. Each figure is followed by a description of its stages. The figures and descriptions additionally link to sections 3-4 by referencing the API calls made at each flow stage.

  • Section 6 details Spotware Systems’ conformance tests assessing the deployment of the OAuth flows and InApp controls. Each group of tests is described in a separate table.

  • Section 7 contains concluding remarks about the requirements for brokers’ CRM systems and the possible directions for the future development of the OAuth flows and InApp controls.

1.3. Brief Description of the Solutions

As detailed in the related white paper, Spotware’s OAuth flows establish a single access point for all actions related to user creation and authorization. InApp controls, in turn, allow users to perform certain actions (e.g., passing KYC) without having to manually open their respective brokers’ client areas. These solutions eliminate several major disruptions to user flows. Their deployment is highly recommended for any broker wishing to provide superior experiences and generate additional revenues via increased user conversion rates.

Last update: January 30, 2023