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Every strategy has a profile page, this is the area where investors can come to review the strategy in detail, these profiles can be accessed from the search section or by going directly to the page from a URL. Both Investors and Strategy Providers can view their own profile by clicking on any account in My Accounts tab. For the benefit of this section we will focus on strategy pages which belong to other people who an investor may consider following.

In the table below we highlight and explain each section of the information which surrounds the chart.

Screenshot Description
In the top left you will find the strategy name, status (Live or Demo), the start date and the cTrader ID of the Strategy Provider who is offering the strategy. Clicking the cTrader ID will reveal any other strategies available from the same person.
This section contains the All Time ROI of the strategy, the total amount of Pips that the strategy has gained or lost and the total Mirrored Volume of the traders who have mirrored this strategy.
This section contains information about the strategies Own Funds which is the account balance, the Mirroring Funds which is the sum of the balances of the traders Mirroring this strategy and the leverage of the Strategy Provider’s account.
The Time section informs the Account Age and Strategy Age.
The Volumes section provides information of trading volumes. Traded (Total) is the total traded volume of the strategy by the provider. Mirrored (Total) is the combined volumes of all the Investors mirroring this strategy (Demo and Live). Mirrored (Live) is the volume of all investors mirroring this strategy from Live accounts only.
The Profit section provides information on the Daily Account Profit of the Strategy and the Weekly Account Profit of the Strategy. These figures are affected by the option to factor in mirroring costs, or not.
Under Popularity Section, you will find how many users are Currently Mirroring the Strategy and how many users have Mirrored the Strategy all time as All Time Mirrored.


There are a selection of charts that could be seen across different timeframes. To switch between charts you need to click on the respective tab. There are following charts available are: ROI(%), ROI in the account base currency, Equity Chart, and Volume Breakdown.

ROI (%) Chart

This chart plots time on the X axis and the profit in percentage on the Y axis. This chart shows the percentage of income the strategy has generated during the chosen period in relation to the account balance the strategy had at the beginning of this time period.

ROI (in the account base currency)

This chart plots time on the X axis and the profit in account base currency on the Y axis. This chart shows how much income the strategy has generated in terms of a cash value during the chosen period.

Equity Chart

This chart plots time on the X axis and a cash value on the Y axis. This chart shows the changes in account equity in relation to account balance over the chosen time period. This chart is particularly important to understand the strategies risk factor and how much drawdown can be expected.

Volume Breakdown

This pie chart shows the Symbols that were traded and their corresponding volume and percentage that symbol made up of the total volume traded throughout the strategy. This is important to take note of whether the Strategy Provider is trading the same symbols as are available from your broker.


Below the charts section you will find a selection of tables.

The Performance tab

The Performance tab shows you a variety of detailed statistics of the strategy. There are two filters where you can select the specific Symbol that you want to see Performance for and the time period that you want to see performance for. Each statistic is aggregated into 4 supplementary columns to show figures for all Long (Buy) trades, all Short (Sell) trades, all Profitable and all Losing trades.

Below the filters you can find the following statistics.

  • Net Profit is the net realized Profit & Loss of the Strategy. It can be positive or negative.
  • Maximum Drawdown is the maximum consecutive losses that the strategy had, expressed as a percentage of the Account Balance at the time that the losses occurred. This informs the strategies lowest All Time ROI%.
  • Total Trades is the total amount of opening and closing Deals of the Strategy.
  • Total Pips won is the total number of Pips that the strategy won minus the number lost.
  • Average Pips Won per Trade refers to the average number of Pips that each trade won or lost.
  • Average Net Profit per Trade refers to the average Net Profit that each trade won or lost.
  • Average Trade Duration is the average time duration of each position.
  • Volume Traded is the total Volume Traded by the Strategy.
  • Sharpe Ratio is calculated by dividing the strategies return by the strategies standard deviation of returns.
  • Profit Factor is calculated by dividing the Total Net Profit by Total Net Loss.

In the Positions tab you will find the current open positions of the strategy. The columns displayed can added and removed by right clicking on the header, columns can be resized and reordered to fit meet your preference. Please note that the Net Profit and Gross Profit are updated with 1 minute delay.


In the History Tab you will find all the Closing Deals of the strategy and a selection of columns which may also be reconfigured.