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Which Brokers offer cMirror?

Every Broker which offers the cTrader Suite also offers cMirror, whether they advertise it or not. While every cTrader broker supports cMirror some of them may offer a limited service because of the type of subscription they have with Spotware.

Here are the different type of subscription which your broker may have:

  • Full member broker: You can become a Signal Provider and charge commissions, or follow any demo or live strategy which do or do not charge commissions.
  • Demo Member Broker: You can only mirror demo and live strategies which do not charge commissions or become a Signal Provider but your are not allowed to charge commissions with this account.
  • Guest member broker: You can not mirror any strategies or become a Signal Provider with this account. All you can do is navigate the interface.
  • Isolated member broker: You can only mirror Signal Providers of the particular broker of this account. You can become a strategy provider and charge commissions, but only investors of the particular broker will see your strategies.

How do I know what broker my Signal Provider is with?

cMirror is completely broker agnostic and the broker that your Signal Provider(s) use is an irrelevant factor to latency or performance of their strategy.

What if my Broker’s charges are higher than my Signal Providers Broker?

As different brokers may have different pricing structures it is possible that there may be some differences in charges, if this is a concern to you we advise you to review your Signal Providers charges to understand what charges they have incurred and how they compare to yours.

Can I have accounts with different brokers?

Definitely, you use your cTrader ID to access cMirror, not your Broker’s log in, you can link as many different accounts to your cTrader ID, regardless of which broker they are with or whether they are Live or Demo.

What if a Strategy uses a symbol which is not available from the Mirror Traders (investors)Broker?

In this case those trades which use unavailable symbols will be disregarded and nothing will be done in the Mirror Traders account, simply those trades will be skipped.