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This section includes questions which have been broken down into the following categories: General, Mirror Traders & Signal Providers.


The ROI Chart I am looking at does not show any information, why is this?

In most cases this is because the time period which you are looking at there was no activity. You should reconfigure the time period to a longer time frame, if there is still no information and you believe it is not due to this reason please report it to us in case is a problem.

How long does it take to start using cMirror?

You can start using cMirror in a matter of minutes, all you need to do is link the account from your broker to your cTrader ID and you can start mirroring live strategies or broadcasting your strategy to the cMirror community.

What platforms can I use cMirror with?

cMirror can only be used in conjunction with any of the Spotware Platforms this includes cTrader, cTrader Web, cTrader Mobile Web, cTrader iOS, cTrader Android and cAlgo. It is not possible to use cMirror with any other platforms.

cMirror doesn’t work on my mobile?

Currently cMirror is not supported on mobile devices.

Does cTrader, cMirror or any other platform need to open to follow strategies?

No, nothing needs to be open for trades to be executed, once you start to follow a strategy everything they do will be mirrored inside your account automatically.

Mirror Traders

Can I trade myself when I am mirroring other strategies?

You are not restricted in any way if you are mirroring other traders strategies, however you should be careful, because the margin you use to open positions yourself may conflict with the positions your Signal Provider opens. You should check your risk level settings and ensure you have enough margin to avoid Stop Out.

Can I close trades that I have mirrored from my Signal Provider?

Yes, all positions that your Signal Provider has opened on your behalf are shown inside your cTrader account, just like they would be if you had opened them yourself with a comment identifying the Strategy which it originated from, if you want to close or modify them you can so do.

Can live accounts follow demo strategies?

Yes, it is possible to follow demo strategies. However you should be aware that because the Signal Provider is using a demo account this could affect their judgement and behavior.

How many strategy providers can I follow?

There is no limit on how many strategies you can follow with the same cTrader account, however you must understand the risk that is involved in mirroring multiple strategies if you have not carefully configured the mirroring volume of the strategies you want to follow.

What happens when I stop mirroring a Strategy?

All open positions from that strategy will be closed, the reason for this is because you can not receive a close signal once you have stopped mirroring.

Can I contact my Signal Provider?

There is no feature built into cMirror to use to communicate with your Signal Provider, however if they display their email address in the description of their Strategy feel free to contact them.

Signal Providers

Who can see my Strategies?

Everyone who is logged into cMirror can see your strategies regardless of which broker they reside or whether their account status is Live or Demo.

Can I make my strategies private and visible only to invited Mirror Trader (investors)?

No, cMirror is an open environment so if you wish to become a Signal Provider your strategy will be available to all users.

How many Strategies can I create?

There is no limit on the number of Strategies you can create, you will need to create a new cTrader account with your broker and link it to your cTrader ID then become a Signal Provider with this account, just like you did with your others.

Can I follow other Signal Providers Strategies if I am already a Signal Provider?

No, It is not possible to be a Signal Provider and follow other Strategies with the same account. If you wish to follow Strategies you will have to do so with another cTrader account.

Can I contact my Mirror Traders (Investors)?

No, It is not possible to contact your Mirror Traders (investors). They will always be anonymous to you.

Are my pending orders visible to the rest of the cMirror community?

No, all Limit Order, Stop Entry, Take Profit and Stop Losses are hidden, only open positions and closed deals are visible inside your strategies profile. No one is able copy your trading intentions.

Once I become a Signal Provider can I stop?

Yes, but you must close all of your open positions before you are able to stop your Strategy because your Mirror Traders would not receive a close Signal after you cancel your Strategy. If there is no one mirroring your Strategy then you can cancel at any time.