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UI Operations

cTrader offers several UI-related solutions to algo developers.

  • Chart Controls. Chart controls are interactive feature-rich WPF-like API members that you can use to create controls overlayed on cTrader charts. Through these controls, users can interact with your cBots/indicators.
  • Chart Objects. Chart objects encompass various technical analysis tools and related UI elements. Typically, you can draw them on a chart using either C# code or the cTrader built-in chart tools.
  • WinForms. You can use .NET WinForms in your cTrader cBots/indicators. To simplify work with WinForms, we encourage you to use the Visual Studio WinForms designer.
  • WPF. cBots, plugins, and indicators also support WPF. We encourage using this option only if you are familiar with C# and .NET.


WinForms and WPF only work if you are running and developing cTrader algos on a Windows machine.