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Name Description
AcceleratorOscillator Identifies possible trend reversals
AccessRights cBots and Indicators Access Rights.
AccountSwitchedEventArgs Provides data for the account switched event.
AccountType Returns current account type
AccumulativeSwingIndex A variation on Wilder's swing index which plots an accumulation of the swing index value of each candlestick or bar.
ActiveFrameChangedEventArgs Provides data for the active frame changed event.
Algo The container class for the main cAlgo.API Interfaces.
AlgoInstanceParameter The interface representing an indicator / robot instance parameter. Provides properties that allow for accessing various information about an algo instance parameter.
AlgoInstanceParameters Represents the collection of all the parameters of an indicator or Robot.
AlgoKind Represents the predefined kinds of algorithm types.
AlgoParameter Represents an algorithm parameter.
AlgoParameterType Represents the different types of algorithm parameters.
AlgoRegistry Provides all installed algorithms data
AlgoType Base type for representing an algorithm.
AlgoTypeChangedEventArgs Provides data for Algo type changed event.
AlgoTypeDeletedEventArgs Provides data for Algo type deleted event.
AlgoTypeEventArgs Base structure that provides data for Algo registry events.
AlgoTypeInstalledEventArgs Provides data for Algo type installed event.
Alligator Legendary trader Bill Williams, an early pioneer of market psychology, developed the trend-following Alligator indicator, which follows the premise that financial markets and individual securities trend just 15% to 30% of the time while grinding through sideways ranges the other 70% to 85% of the time.
Application Represents the application.
Aroon An indicator for identifying trends in a currency pair, as well as for gauging the probability of a trend reversal.
Asp Represents the active symbol panel.
AspBlock Represents an active symbol panel block.
AspBlockAttachedEventArgs Provides data for plugin ASP block attached event.
AspBlockDetachedEventArgs Provides data for plugin ASP block detached event.
AspBlockUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for plugin ASP block updated event.
AspSymbolChangedEventArgs Provides data for active symbol panel symbol changed event.
AspSymbolTab Active symbol panel tab.
AspTab Represents an active symbol panel tab.
AspTabIsSelectedChangedEventArgs Provides data for plugin ASP tab IsSelectedChanged event.
Asset The asset represents a currency.
Assets Represents the list of all the assets with the asset names as string values.
AverageDirectionalMovementIndexRating The Average Directional Movement Index Rating (ADXR) measures the strength of the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX). It's calculated by taking the average of the current ADX and the ADX from one time period before.
AverageTrueRange Average true range. An indicator providing the degree of price volatility.
AwesomeOscillator Displays the market momentum as a histogram.
Backtesting Provides methods and events to manage and monitor backtesting processes.
BacktestingCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the backtesting completed event.
BacktestingDataMode Specifies the data mode used for backtesting.
BacktestingError %DOCUMENTATION%
BacktestingProcess Represents a backtesting process with methods and properties to monitor its status and results.
BacktestingProgressChangedEventArgs Provides data for the backtesting progress changed event.
BacktestingSettings Represents settings for configuring the backtesting process.
Bar Represents the Bar object.
BarClosedEventArgs Provides data for the event when a bar closed on the chart.
BarOpenedEventArgs Provides data for the event when a new bar opened on the chart.
Bars Represents the Bars interface - the collection of Bar objects.
BarsHistoryLoadedEventArgs Provides data for the history loaded event.
BarsTickEventArgs Provides data for the tick bar event.
BollingerBands Bollinger Bands are used to confirm signals. The bands indicate overbought and oversold levels relative to a moving average.
Border Represents the border.
Button Represents the button.
ButtonClickEventArgs Represents the button click event data.
Canvas Defines an area to position child elements by coordinates relative to the Canvas area.
CenterOfGravity The Center of Gravity (COG) indicator is a technical indicator developed by John Ehlers in 2002, used to identify potential turning points in the price as early as possible.
ChaikinMoneyFlow The Chaikin Money Flow Indicator measures the amount of Money Flow Volume over a specific period. The resulting indicator fluctuates above/below the zero line.
ChaikinVolatility The Chaikin Volatility Indicator interface.
CharacterCasing Specifies the case of characters typed manually into a TextBox control.
Chart Represents the Chart Interface.
ChartActivationChangedEventArgs Provides data for chart activated/deactivated events
ChartAndrewsPitchfork Represents the Andrew's Pitchfork chart object. A tool that helps to identify possible support and resistance levels with the three parallel lines.
ChartArea The Chart Area Interface.
ChartArrow Represents the arrow chart object.
ChartColorEventArgs Provides data for the chart color event.
ChartColorSettings Represents the charts Color Settings.
ChartContainer Represents a chart frames container.
ChartContainers Represents the list of all the chart containers.
ChartContainersAddedEventArgs Provides data for the containers added event.
ChartContainersRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the containers removed event.
ChartDisplaySettings Represents the chart display settings.
ChartDisplaySettingsEventArgs Provides data for the chart display settings event.
ChartDragEventArgs Provides data for the chart dragging event.
ChartDrawing Represents the Drawing chart object.
ChartEllipse Represent the Ellipse chart object.
ChartEquidistantChannel Represents the Equidistant Channel chart object. The tool that allows drawing two precisely parallel lines in any direction on the chart.
ChartFibonacciBase Represents the Fibonacci tools options.
ChartFibonacciExpansion Represents the Fibonacci Expansion chart object.
ChartFibonacciFan Represents the Fibonacci Fan chart object.
ChartFibonacciRetracement Represents the Fibonacci Retracement chart object.
ChartFibonacciTimezones Represents the Fibonacci Timezones chart object.
ChartFrame Represents a chart frame.
ChartFrameLinkedChartGroupChangedEventArgs Provides data for the chart frame LinkedChartGroup changed event.
ChartHorizontalLine Represents the Horizontal Line chart object. Used to mark a certain value on the Y-axis throughout the whole chart.
ChartIcon Represents the Icon chart object.
ChartIconType Represents the type of the Icon.
ChartIndicator The interface representing an indicator attached to a chart.Provides properties that allow for accessing various information about an indicator.
ChartIndicatorAddedEventArgs The class representing AddedEventArgs for a ChildIndicator.
ChartIndicatorEventArgs The base class representing event args for a ChartIndicator.
ChartIndicatorModifiedEventArgs The class representing ModifiedEventArgs for a ChartIndicator.
ChartIndicatorRemovedEventArgs The class representing RemovedEventArgs for a ChartIndicator.
ChartIndicators The interface representing a chart indicator instances collection.Provides properties and events that allow for accessing various information about indicators attached to a chart.
ChartKeyboardEventArgs Provides data for chart keyboard related events and callbacks
ChartManager Represents the list of all the chart frames.
ChartMode Represents the predefined chart container modes.
ChartMouseEventArgs Provides data for the mouse related routed events.
ChartMouseWheelEventArgs Provides data for the mouse wheel scroll event.
ChartObject Represents the chart object.
ChartObjectEventArgs Provides data for the chart object change event.
ChartObjectHoverChangedEventArgs Provides data for the mouse hover over a chart object event.
ChartObjectsAddedEventArgs Provides data for the adding chart objects event.
ChartObjectsEventArgs Provides data for the chart objects change event.
ChartObjectsRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the removing chart objects event.
ChartObjectsSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the chart objects selecting or deselecting event.
ChartObjectsUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the chart objects update event.
ChartObjectType The chart object types.
ChartRectangle Represents the Rectangle chart object. A rectangle of any preferable size and rotation that can be drawn directly in the chart, bound to X-Y axises.
ChartRobot The interface representing a Robot instance attached to a chart.Provides properties that allow for accessing various information about a Robot.
ChartRobotAddedEventArgs The class representing AddedEventArgs for a ChartRobot.
ChartRobotEventArgs The base class representing event args for a ChartRobot.
ChartRobotModifiedEventArgs The class representing ModifiedEventArgs for a ChartRobot.
ChartRobotRemovedEventArgs The class representing RemovedEventArgs for a ChartRobot.
ChartRobots The interface representing a chart Robot instances collection.Provides properties and events that allow for accessing various information about Robots attached to a chart.
ChartRobotsPermission Chart Robots Permission
ChartRobotStartedEventArgs The class representing StartedEventArgs for a ChartRobot.
ChartRobotStoppedEventArgs The class representing StoppedEventArgs for a ChartRobot.
ChartScrollEventArgs Provides data for the chart scrolling event.
ChartShape Represents the Shape chart object. Allows drawing a Rectangle, a Triangle, and an Ellipse on the chart.
ChartSizeEventArgs Provides data for the chart size change event.
ChartStaticText Represents the chart static text.
ChartText Represents the Text chart object. Allows place the text anywhere on the chart, bound to the chart.
ChartTrendLine Represents the Trend Line chart object. A straight line that can be drawn from point 1 to the point 2 in any direction to mark the trends on the chart.
ChartTriangle Represents the Triangle chart object.
ChartType Represents the predefined chart types.
ChartTypeEventArgs Provides data for the chart type chage event.
ChartVerticalLine Represents the Vertical Line chart object. The line parallel to the Y-axis that can be set on a certain time value on the X-axis.
ChartVisibilityChangedEventArgs Provides data for chart visibility changed event
ChartZoomEventArgs Provides data for the chart type change event.
CheckBox Represents the Checkbox.
CheckBoxEventArgs Provides data for the checkbox event.
CloudAttribute Represents the cloud between the indicator lines.
Color Represents an ARGB (alpha, red, green, blue) color.
ColorTheme Represents the color theme.
ColorThemeChangeEventArgs Provides data for the color theme change event.
ComboBox A control that shows drop down list of items and allows user to select a single item from the list
ComboBoxSelectedItemChangedEventArgs Provides data for ComboBox SelectedItemChanged event handlers
Command Represents a plugin command.
CommandArgs Represents a plugin command callback arguments.
CommandResult Represents the result of a command execution.
Commands Represents the collection of plugin commands.
CommandType Represents the predefined types of plugin commands.
CommodityChannelIndex The Commodity Channel Index interface.
Control Represents the Chart Control class.
ControlBase Represents the base of chart controls.
ControlProperty Represents the Control property enumeration used in Style to get or set a style for a specific property.
ControlState Represents the chart control state.
CornerRadius Represents the radii of a rectangle's corners.
CustomControl Represents the custom control to create reusable controls with customized look and behavior.
CustomFrame Represents a custom frame.
CyberCycle The Cyber Cycles Oscillator is an indicator designed by John Ehlers, it is used for isolating the cycle component of the market from its trend counterpart.
DataSeries Represents a read only list of values, typically used to represent market price series. The values are accessed with an array-like [] operator.
DefaultStyles Represent the list of default styles for the built-in controls.
DetachedWindow Used to represent the properties of a detached window.
DetrendedPriceOscillator The Detrended Price Oscillator Indicator interface.
DirectionalMovementSystem The Welles Wilder's Directional Movement Indicator calculation.
Dock Specifies where a chart control will be docked inside the DockPanel.
DockPanel Defines the area where you can arrange child elemens either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.
DonchianChannel The Donchian channel is a volatility indicator forming a channel between the highest high and the lowest low of the chosen period.
DrawingColorChangedEventArgs Provides data for the drawing color changed event.
EaseOfMovement Ease of Movement is a volume based oscillator that measures the "ease" of price movement.
Ellipse Represents the ellipse shape.
Error Encapsulates an error code.
ErrorCode Enumeration of standard error codes.
ExecuteScriptResult The result of JavaScript execution on a WebView control.
ExponentialMovingAverage The exponential moving average of the price data source over a period of time.
FibonacciLevel Represents the Fibonacci Level.
FillRule Specifies how the intersecting areas of PathFigure objects contained in a Geometry are combined to form the area of the Geometry.
FontStyle Specifies style information applied to text.
FontWeight Specifies the weight or thickness of the font.
FractalChaosBands The Fractal Chaos Bands indicator attempts to determine whether or not the market is trending.
Fractals The fractal indicator is a trading indicator used in technical analysis that is used to identify potential trend reversal points in a market.
Frame Base interface for chart frames.
FrameAttachedEventArgs Provides data for the frame attached event.
FrameContainerChangedEventArgs Provides data for the frame container changed event.
FrameDetachedEventArgs Provides data for the frame detached event.
FramesAddedEventArgs Provides data for the frames added event.
FrameSizeChangedEventArgs Provides data for the frame size changed event.
FramesRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the frames removed event.
Functions This class contains valuable functions that apply to DataSeries.
GetFitnessArgs Represents the custom fitness calculation interface.
Grid Represents the Grid class.
GridColumn Represents the column of the grid.
GridLength Represents the length of the grid.
GridRow Represents the row of the grid.
GridUnitType Represents the type of the grid unit.
HighMinusLow Difference between MarketSeries.High and MarketSeries.Low calculation for each index
HistoricalTrade Represents the historical trade interface.
HistoricalVolatility The measured price fluctuation over a specified time period.
History Provides access to methods of the historical trades collection
HorizontalAlignment Describes horizontal position related to an anchor point or a parent element
Http The Https interface contains the methods necessary for sending HTTP requests.
HttpException Represents errors that may occur during HTTP request
HttpMethod An enumeration of different HTTP Methods.
HttpRequest The class representing an HTTP request.
HttpRequestHeaders The class that represents an HTTP request headers collection.
HttpResponse The class representing an HTTP response.
HttpResponseHeaders The class that represents an HTTP response headers collection.
HttpVersionPolicy An enumeration of different HTTP version policies.
HullMovingAverage The Hull Moving Average (HMA) is a directional trend indicator. It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determine if conditions are bullish or bearish relative to historical data.
IAccount Contains the current account information.
IAssetConverter Its an interface for converting an asset / currency value to another asset / currency value.
IchimokuKinkoHyo Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator.
IIndicatorsAccessor Accessor to Indicators
Image Represents the image chart control.
Indicator Base class for Indicators.
IndicatorArea Represents the area where the Indicator is placed.
IndicatorAreaAddedEventArgs Provides data for the indicator area adding event.
IndicatorAreaEventArgs The arguments for the indicator area event.
IndicatorAreaRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the indicator area removing event.
IndicatorAttribute Indicator Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the indicator plot.
IndicatorDataSeries Represents a mutable array of values. An extension of DataSeries used to represent indicator values.
IndicatorLine The interface representing an indicator line. Provides properties that allow for accessing various information about a line.
IndicatorOutput Represents an indicator output / line.
IndicatorType Represents an indicator algorithm type.
INotifications It is an interface that represents all Notifications.
IReadonlyList Represents a read only collection of a specified type
IServer Server related information.
KeltnerChannels The Keltner Channels are volatility-based envelopes set above and below an exponential moving average.
Key Specifies the possible key values on a keyboard.
LevelsAttribute Levels Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the plot of level lines.
LeverageTier Tier of dynamic leverage.
Line Represents the line shape.
LinearRegressionForecast Linear Regression Forecast is one of the indicators calculated by the Linear Regression approach.
LinearRegressionIntercept Linear Regression Intercept is one of the indicators calculated by the Linear Regression approach.
LinearRegressionRSquared The Linear Regression R Squared is used to confirm the strength of the market trend.
LinearRegressionSlope The calculation of the Linear Regression Slope Indicator.
LineStackingStrategy Describes a mechanism by which a line box is determined for each line.
LineStyle An enumeration of different stroke styles used to render lines.
LinkedChartGroup Represents the predefined chart linked groups.
LocalStorage Represents the local storage API.
LocalStorageException Represents errors that occur during local storage operations. This exception will be passed to cBot / indicator OnException method.
LocalStorageScope Defines the local storage scope.
MacdCrossOver Calculates the MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) indicator.
MacdHistogram The calculation of the MACD Histogram.
MarketData Provide access to charts data (bars and ticks) and to the Depth of Market data.
MarketDataLoadException Represents errors that occur during loading market data (Bars/Ticks)
MarketDepth Access to MarketDepth Ask Entries, Bid Entries and the event at which the market depth gets updated
MarketDepthEntry Provides access to market depth prices and volumes
MarketHours Access to symbol's trading sessions schedule
MarketSession Represents the predefined market sessions.
MarketSessionChangedEventArgs The arguments for MarketSessionsChanged event.
MassIndex The Mass Index Indicator interface.
MedianPrice A Median Price is an average of one period’s high and low values.
MessageBox A message dialog window that you can use to show a message with buttons
MessageBoxButton This Enum contains MessageBox buttons
MessageBoxImage This Enum contains MessageBox image icons
MessageBoxResult This Enum contains MessageBox results
ModifierKeys Specifies the set of modifier keys.
MomentumOscillator The calculation of the Momentum Oscillator indicator.
MoneyFlowIndex The Money Flow Index is an oscillator that calculates buying and selling pressure using typical price and volume. It oscillates between zero and one hundred. It is typically used to identify trend reversals and price extremes.
MovingAverage The Moving Average Indicator calculation.
MovingAverageType An enumeration of the different MovingAverage weighting (smoothing) methods.
NegativeVolumeIndex Dysart's Negative Volume Index assumes that the smart money is active on days when volume decreases and the not-so-smart money is active on days when volume increases (measured by the Positive Volume Index).
OnBalanceVolume On Balance Volume measures buying and selling pressure as a cumulative indicator that adds volume on up days and subtracts volume on down days.
Orientation Defines the different orientations that panel layout can have.
OutputAttribute Sealed Class OutputAttribute
OwnerType The types of owners for windows
Panel Provides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects.
ParabolicSAR The calculation of the Parabolic SAR Indicator.
ParameterAttribute The Parameter Attribute class.
PendingOrder Provides access to properties of pending orders
PendingOrderCancellationReason The reason for the order cancellation.
PendingOrderCancelledEventArgs Provides data for the pending order cancellation event.
PendingOrderCreatedEventArgs Provides data for the pending order creation events.
PendingOrderFilledEventArgs Provides data for the pending order fill event.
PendingOrderModifiedEventArgs Provides data for the pending order modification event.
PendingOrders Provides access to methods of the Pending Orders collection
PendingOrderType Represents the type (Limit or Stop) of pending order.
PenLineCap Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.
PenLineJoin Describes the shape that joins two lines or segments.
Permission Base interface for Permissions
Permissions Provides all permissions state.
PlotType The Plot type.
Plugin Base class for Plugins.
PluginAttribute Sealed class PluginAttribute.
PluginType Represents a plugin algorithm type.
Point Represents an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
Polygon Draws a polygon, which is a connected series of lines that form a closed shape.
Polyline Draws a series of connected straight lines.
PolynomialRegressionChannels Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC) is an RTX Extension indicator that draws a best fit n-degree polynomial regression line through a recent period of data.
Position Taking or opening a position means buying or selling a trading pair.
PositionClosedEventArgs Provides data for the position closing event.
PositionCloseReason The reason for closing the position.
PositionModifiedEventArgs Provides data for the position modification event.
PositionOpenedEventArgs Provides data for the position opening event.
Positions Provides access to methods of the positions collection.
PositiveVolumeIndex The positive volume index measures the trend of the stock prices for days when volume increases from previous day's volume.
PriceOscillator The Price Oscillator calculates the spread between a short-period moving average and a long-period moving average.
PriceROC The Price ROC calculates the percentage change between the most recent price and the n-periods of the past price.
PriceType An enumeration of the different price types.
PriceVolumeTrend Price and Volume Trend is a variation of On Balance Volume, used to determine the strength of trends and warn of reversals.
ProportionalAmountType Defines types of amounts you can use for using symbol volume methods.
RadioButton Reporesents the Radiobutton chart control type.
RadioButtonEventArgs Represents the radio button actions.
RainbowOscillator Developed by Mel Widner, Rainbow Oscillator is based on multiple moving averages and helps to identify trends and provides overbought/oversold levels.
Rectangle Represents the rectangle.
RelativeStrengthIndex The RSI (Wilder) is momentum oscillator, measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price movements.
ResizeMode Types of resize modes for windows
Robot Base class for all cBots.
RobotAttribute Sealed class RobotAttribute.
RobotState Represents the predefined states of a Robot instance.
RobotType Represents a robot / cBot algorithm type.
RoundingMode The rounding mode for normalizing trade volume.
RunningMode Defines if a cBot is running in real time, in the silent backtesting mode, in the visual backtesting mode, or in the optimization mode.
ScrollBarVisibility Specifies the visibility of a ScrollBar for scrollable content.
ScrollViewer Represents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.
Shape Provides the base class for shape elements, such as,, and.
SimpleMovingAverage The simple moving average is an average of price within n previous periods.
SoundType An enum containing various constants representing different built-in sounds for notifications.
StackPanel Arranges the child element into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
StandardDeviation Standard Deviation measures the market volatility with a commonly used statisctical function.
StandardIndicator Base type for standard indicators.
StochasticOscillator The Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum indicator that aims to show price reversals by comparing the closing price to the price range.
StopTriggerMethod The trigger side for the Stop Orders.
Stretch Describes how content is resized to fill its allocated space.
StretchDirection Describes how scaling applies to content and restricts scaling to named axis types.
Style Represents the style of a chart control.
Supertrend Supertrend is one of the most popular trend trading indicators
SvgIcon Represents a SVG format vector icon.
SwingIndex Developed by Welles Wilder, the Swing Index compares current Open, high, Low and Close prices to find of current and previous periods to find "real" price.
Symbol Represents a currency pair.
SymbolCommissionType Defines symbol commission types.
SymbolInfo Represents the Symbol interface.
SymbolMinCommissionType Defines symbol minimum commission types.
SymbolMinDistanceType Defines symbol minimum distance types.
Symbols Represents the list of all the symbols with the symbol names as string values.
SymbolSwapCalculationType Defines the types of calculation for symbol SWAP Long/Short.
SymbolTickEventArgs Provides data for the symbol tick event.
SymbolTradingMode Defines symbol trading modes.
TextAlignment The text alignment regarding the anchor point.
TextBlock Represents the Text Block - the control to display a non-interactive text.
TextBox Represents the text box class.
TextChangedEventArgs Provides data for the TextChanged event.
TextTrimming Describes how text is trimmed when it overflows the edge of its containing box.
TextWrapping Specifies whether text wraps when it reaches the edge of the containing box.
Thickness Defines the thickness of the frame around the rectangle.
Tick Represents the Tick object.
Ticks Represents the Ticks interface - the collection of Tick objects.
TicksHistoryLoadedEventArgs Provides data for the tick history loaded event.
TicksTickEventArgs Provides data for the tick event.
TickVolume The Tick Volume indicator shows number of ticks for each bar.
TimeFrame Contains supported timeframe values.
Timer Schedules execution of virtual OnTimer method with specified interval.
TimeSeries A series of values that represent time like MarketSeries.OpenTime
TimeSeriesMovingAverage A Time Series Moving Average is moving average based on linear regression forecast.
TimeZones Standard TimeZones class.
ToggleButton Represents the Toggle button.
ToggleButtonEventArgs Represents the toggle button event class.
TotalMarginCalculationType Defines types of total margin requirements per Symbol.
TradeOperation Provides access to the properties describing an asynchronous trade operation.
TradeResult The result of a trade operation.
TradeType The direction of a trade order.
TradeVolumeIndex Trade Volume Index measures the amount of money flowing in and out of an asset.
TradeWatch Represents the trade watch panel.
TradeWatchIsVisibleChangedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch IsVisibleChanged event.
TradeWatchSizeChangedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch SizeChanged event.
TradeWatchTab Represents a trade watch panel tab.
TradeWatchTabAttachedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch tab attached event.
TradeWatchTabDetachedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch tab detached event.
TradeWatchTabIsSelectedChangedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch tab IsSelectedChanged event.
TradeWatchTabSizeChangedEventArgs Provides data for plugin trade watch tab SizeChanged event.
TradingPermission Trading Permission
TradingSession Trading session schedule
TriangularMovingAverage The Triangular Moving Average is a moving average that gives more weith to values located in the middle of aggregated period.
Trix TRIX was developed by Jack Huton. It is a momentum oscillator that will help you filter unimportant price movement.
TrueRange The Average True Range is a measure of market volatility developed by Wilder.
TypicalPrice A Typical Price is an average of high, low and close values for a single period.
UltimateOscillator The Ultimate Oscillator is a technical analysis oscillator based on a notion of buying or selling "pressure".
UserTimeOffsetChangedEventArgs Represents the user time offset change event data.
VerticalAlignment Describes vertical position related to an anchor point or a parent element.
VerticalHorizontalFilter Vertical Horizontal Filter determines whether a price is going through a congestion phase or a trending phase.
Vidya Volatility Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA) is a smoothing (moving average) based on dynamically changing periods.
VolumeOscillator The Volume Oscillator identifies trends in volume using a two moving average system. A strong trend is signaled when it is positive. Falling volume indicates trend weakness.
VolumeROC The Volume Rate of Change indicator measures the Rate Of Change of the tick volume.
Watchlist Represents the Watchlist interface.
WatchlistAddedEventArgs Occures when a new watchlist is added.
WatchlistRemovedEventArgs Occurs when a watchlist is removed from the marketwatch.
WatchlistRenamedEventArgs Occurs when the watchlist is renamed.
Watchlists Represents the Watchlists interface - allows getting all the watchlists and symbols in them, and receiving the relevant events.
WatchlistSymbolAddedEventArgs Occurs when a new symbol is added to the watchlist.
WatchlistSymbolRemovedEventArgs Occurs when the symbol is removed from the watchlist.
WebSocketClient Represents a web socket client.
WebSocketClientBinaryReceivedEventArgs Provides data for WebSocketClient binary data received event.
WebSocketClientCloseStatus An enumeration of different Web socket client close states / reasons.
WebSocketClientConnectedEventArgs Provides data for Websocket client connected event.
WebSocketClientDisconnectEventArgs Provides data for Websocket client disconnected event.
WebSocketClientOptions Websocket client options.
WebSocketClientState An enumeration of different Web socket client states.
WebSocketClientTextReceivedEventArgs Provides data for WebSocketClient text data received event.
WebView Represents the image chart control.
WebViewLoadedEventArgs Provides data for the WebView control Loaded event.
WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the WebView control NavigationCompleted event.
WebViewUnloadedEventArgs Provides data for the WebView control Unloaded event.
WebViewWebMessageReceivedEventArgs Provides data for the WebView control WebMessageReceived event.
WeightedClose Weighted Close is an average of high, low and close prices where close has greater weight.
WeightedMovingAverage The Weighted Moving Average is a moving average that gives more weith to the latest values.
WellesWilderSmoothing The Welles Wilder's Smoothing indicator is an exponential moving average, but it has different alpha ration. As a result it responds to price changes slower.
WilliamsAccumulationDistribution William's Accumulation Distribution is an oscillator that can identify if the market is driven by buyers (accumulation) or by sellers (distribution)
WilliamsPctR Williams %R is an effective momentum oscillator and was described by Larry Williams for the first time in 1973.
Window The window class, you can use it to show a window that can contain other chart controls
WindowActivatedEventArgs Provides data for WindowActivated event handlers
WindowClosedEventArgs Provides data for WindowClosed event handlers
WindowDeactivatedEventArgs Provides data for WindowDeactivated event handlers
WindowIsVisibleChangedEventArgs Provides data for WindowIsVisibleChanged event handlers
WindowLocationChangedEventArgs Provides data for WindowLocationChanged event handlers
WindowSizeChangedEventArgs Provides data for WindowSizeChanged event handlers
WindowStartupLocation Types of startup locations that you can use for windows
WindowState Types of states for windows
WrapPanel Positions the child elements in sequential position from left to right, breaking content to the next line at theend of the containing box, from top to bottom, or from right to left.