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Synchronisation with the Cloud is a feature that allows you to run cBots in a dedicated environment independent of your local machine.

It eliminates the need for third-party services that provide similar environments. With the Cloud, you can simply create an instance, start it in one click, and then close cTrader entirely or turn off your local machine. Your instance will continue running 24/7 unless you stop it manually or it encounters a technical issue.

Key Features

  • Start cBots anywhere. Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, you can start a cBot in just one click.
  • Launch and forget. Your cBots will continue running even if you close cTrader or turn off your computer.
  • Customise your products. You can set the algorithm name, upload an 'avatar' and add backtesting results to make your cBots more attractive to end users.


It is only possible to run cBots in the Cloud on live accounts.


The Cloud supports cBots that have external dependencies! When creating new cBots, you can freely add interesting third-party packages such as machine learning libraries. However, there are some requirements that you cBots need to meet to ensure that the Cloud can fully execute code containing external dependencies. Read more here.

How It Works

For Users

You can start an instance of any cBot available to you in the 'Algo' app. Instances can be run on any symbol available to your account and on any chart timeframe. Instances are launched and run in the Cloud, which means that cTrader itself takes care to execute and maintain the algorithm.

As a result, there is no need to keep cTrader Desktop open and active. You can also turn off your local machine and any cBots you may have launched will continue running.

Local Instances

You can still start algorithms locally, in which case they will run on your machine and require cTrader Desktop to be open.

Before launching a cBot, you have full control over the advanced parameters if the cBot contains them. You can have multiple instances of the same cBot running with different parameters or on different symbols and timeframes.


cBots in the Cloud are run in safe and isolated environments. Even if they have elevated access rights, algorithms cannot access your personal information, your system settings or any files saved on your device. Note that, depending on their access rights, local instances can sometimes access data on your machine.

Here is how you can receive new algorithms:

  • Automatically. The 'Algo' app always contains all algorithms available to you. If you have a partner and they decide to share their new algorithm with others, you should see the algorithm being added to the app. The same algorithms will be shown on your partner's profile page in the 'Partner' app.
  • By double-clicking on an .algo file shared with you on any channel. If you have access to the algorithm, it will be added to the 'Algo' application.
  • By creating a new algorithm and then synchronising it with the Cloud. You can still launch algorithms locally without enabling synchronisation.

For Partners and Developers

cTrader Algo provides unlimited opportunities for sharing algos with others and maximising your user/referral base.

Here are all the ways you can share algorithms:

  • Once you synchronise an algorithm with the Cloud and enable sharing, the algorithm will be shown to your invited traders in their 'Algo' apps. They can also be added to your cTrader profile page.
  • After sharing is enabled, you can also generate links to certain algorithms and send them to your invited traders. These links will not work for any users who are not among your invited traders.
  • You can simply share an .algo file with any user you want on any suitable channel. Provided you have allowed the user to access the algo, they will be able to launch your cBot in one two clicks.


While plugins and custom indicators can be freely shared using the above methods, only cBots can be run in the Cloud. Users, however, can still run plugins and custom indicators locally.

You are also given several options for customising how your algorithms look and behave.

  • You can upload a custom image that will serve as an 'avatar' for your algorithm. It will be displayed to all users.
  • You can customise whether your live account statistics are displayed on the cBot page. Note that these statistics will cover your entire account of choice, not just the trading operations performed by the cBot.
  • You can set default instance settings (e.g., symbol and timeframe) that will be provided to all users on every instance start.
  • You can show a backtesting report generated for a cBot on its page


You can also read detailed tutorials about the different aspects of synchronisation and running cBots in the Cloud.

There is also an extensive FAQ.