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Sharing an Algorithm

If you are the author of an algorithm, you have several options for sharing it with other users.

  • Automatically
  • Via an .algo file
  • Via an Invite link


You can make it so that access an algorithm is automatically given to all your invited traders. Note that this is done on a per-algorithm basis.

To enable this functionality, do the following.

  1. Right-click on an algorithm and select 'Public Settings'
  2. Navigate to the 'Invite' section
  3. Tick the 'Enable access to your invited traders' checkbox
  4. Click on 'Apply'

Afterward, your invited traders will see the algorithm in their 'Algo' applications. If it is a cBot, invited traders will be able to create new Cloud instances of it.

You can also share an algorithm with your invited traders using a link.

To enable this functionality, perform the same steps as discussed in the previous section.

After access is enabled, cTrader will generate a link to the algorithm that will function as an Invite link. As is the case with any other cTrader link, you can share it anywhere, and easily get new invited traders. Any of your invited trader who click on the link will be able to access the algorithm.


When you share an algorithm via an Invite link, you do so for free. At the moment, cTrader does not offer a mechanism to charge traders for access to algorithms.

Profile Page

If you want, your algos can also appear on your profile page as product cards. Your invited traders will be able to launch new instancess and access algos directly from this page. Note that if your profile is public, it can be accessed by traders by clicking on your nickname in the 'Author' field.

Via an .algo File

You have several options for sharing an .algo file containing your algorithm.

  • No source code, access per user


If this option is chosen, only a specific user will be able to access the algorithm. If another user tries to launch the .algo file, they will encounter an error.

  • No source code, anyone can access
  • With source code, anyone can access

To create an .algo file, right-click on any of your algorithms and select 'Export' in the context menu.

In the newly opened window, select the export option you would like to use. If you select the 'No source code, access per user' option, also specify the nickname of the user with whom you are planning to share the algorithm.

After selecting the desired option, click on 'Export' to save the .algo file.


You can freely send .algo files to users of cTrader Mobile! When an .algo file is opened on a mobile device, the user should select cTrader among the list of applications with which this file could be opened. Afterward, the algorithm will be added to their 'Algo' app.