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UI Basics

'cBots'/'Indicators'/'Plugins' Tabs

When the 'Algo' application is open, the left nav-bar will be split into three tabs.

  • 'cBots'
  • 'Indicators'
  • 'Plugins'




All three tabs include the following components.

  • A search field
  • A 'New' button
  • A list of algos and, in the case of cBots and plugins, their instances

Right-click on algorithm to open a context menu containing the following options.

Option Name Action and Description
'Start cBot' Add a new cBot instance and edit its parameters. This option is only available for cBots.
'Build' Build the cBot/indicator/plugin using its current code.
'Export' Open the algo export window.
'Public Settings' Open the public settings for the cBot/indicator/plugin.
'Duplicate' Duplicate the cBot/indicator/plugin.
'Delete' Delete the cBot/indicator.
'Show in Folder' Open the folder containing the cBot/indicator file on your local machine.

Code Editor

By default, the code editor window is located in the center of the screen. You can write, edit, and build your cBots, plugins, and indicators directly in this editor without using any third-party IDEs.

Image title

The bar at the top of the editor contains several buttons and drop-down menus.

Image title

Menu/Button Name Action and Description
'Code Editor/Cloud View' Switch between the code editor window and the Cloud view for the chosen algorithm.
'Build result/Help Centre' Enable or disable the display of the build result window and the cTrader Help Centre.
'Save' Save all currently unsaved changes in the algorithm code. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S
'Build' Build the algorithm using its current code. If there are any unsaved changes, a red '*' sign will be displayed next to this icon. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B.
'Manage References' Open the searchable 'Reference Manager' window.
'Target Framework' The version of the .NET framework that will be used for compiling the cBot/indicator/plugin code.
'Edit in...' Open the chosen algorithm in an external IDE.
'Public Settings' Open the public settings for the cBot/indicator/plugin.

The Build Result Window

Located directly below the code editor, the 'Build Result' window displays the results of the 'Build' action. If a build succeeds, you should see the following.

Image title

If the 'Build' action is unsuccessful, the window will display the below result.

Image title

The message should also display all errors encountered when performing the 'Build' action.

Cloud View

If Cloud view is switched on, the central section will instead display the description of the chosen type of alrogithm and several statistics.

For cBots, the Cloud view also allows for starting a new instance in the Cloud.