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cTrader Algo is an application that gives all cTrader Web users the option to launch cBots in the –°loud on any device.


A cBot is an algorithm that can trade on your behalf or autonomously perform other actions such as placing stop losses for any new positions you open. An algorithm is a set of rules for performing certain trading operations under specific conditions. An instance is a specific realisation of an algorithm. An instance acts according to the instructions specified in the algorithm and under a certain set of customisable rules and parameters. cBot instances always have to be attached to a specific symbol and timeframe. The Cloud is a dedicated environment where instances execute their operations.

Key Features

  • Start cBots anywhere. Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, you can start a cBot in just one click.
  • Launch and forget. Your cBots will continue running even if you close cTrader or your browser.
  • Customise your products. You can upload images and backtesting results to make your cBots stand out and make them more attractive to end users.

How It Works

For Users

You can launch an instance of any cBot available to you in the 'Algo' app. Instances can be run on any symbol available to your account and on any chart timeframe. Instances are launched and run in the Cloud, which means that cTrader itself takes care to execute and maintain the algorithm.

As a result, there is no need to keep cTrader Web (or even your device) open and active. Any launched cBots will be running 24/7 unless you stop them or they encounter an error.

Before launching a cBot, you have full control over the advanced parameters if the cBot contains them. You can have multiple instances of the same cBot running with different parameters or on different symbols and timeframes.


Only cBots can be launched in the Cloud. This functionality is unavailable for plugins and custom indicators.


cBots are run in safe and isolated environments. Algorithms cannot access your personal information, your system settings or any files saved on your device.


There is a limit on how many running instances can exist at any given time. You will not be able to start new instances if the limit is exceeded.

Here is how you can receive new algorithms:

  • Automatically or via a link. The 'Algo' app always contains all algorithms available to you. If you have a partner and they decide to share their new algorithm with others, you should see the algorithm being added to the app. The same algorithms will be shown on your partner's profile page in the 'Partner' app. You may also receive a link to a specific algorithm.
  • By creating a new algorithm via cTrader Desktop and then synchronising it with the Cloud.

For Partners and Developers

cTrader Algo provides unlimited opportunities for sharing algos with others and maximising your user/referral base.

Here are all the ways you can share algorithms when using cTrader Web:

  • Once you synchronise an algorithm with the Cloud and enable sharing, the algorithm will be shown to your invited traders in their 'Algo' apps. They can also be added to your cTrader profile page.
  • After sharing is enabled, you can also generate links to certain algorithms and send them to your invited traders. These links will not work for any users who are not among your invited traders.


The above actions can also be performed with plugins and custom indicators. However, these types of algos can only be launched locally on cTrader Desktop.

You are also given several options for customising how your algorithms look and behave.

There is also a detailed FAQ.