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How Do cBots Work

Think of cBots as automated traders that you can customize to perform all sorts of operations based on various technical analysis signals.

In more technical terms, a cBot is a C# class with customizable parameters and methods. You can fully define its behavior including what it does on start-up, on encountering certain market conditions, and on close.

To make a cBot perform trading operations, you would need to create an instance of it and attach it to a trading chart of your choice. You can think of an instance as a reference to a specific cBot object.

cBots can also perform actions not specifically related to trading such as creating new files on your local machine. As you gain familiarity with C# and .NET, you can apply your knowledge to create advanced extensions with complex workflows.

Testing cBots Before Using Them

In cTrader Automate, you can allow cBots to trade on historical market data - a process called backtesting. We define how backtesting works in a separate section.

Last update: December 6, 2023