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Compiler Settings

You can use two types of compilers when compiling/building in cTrader Automate:

  • Embedded Compiler
  • .NET SDK Compiler

By default it uses the embedded, but we recommend you to change it to .NET SDK compiler if you have one installed on your system.

Changing Compiler

To change cTrader Automate compiler go to cTrader settings -> Automate:

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Embedded Compiler

The embedded compiler comes with cTrader desktop itself, and in comparison to .NET SDK compiler it has very limited features.

Use embedded complier only on small projects that doesn't rely on third party .NET packages and technologies like WinForms and WPF.

.NET SDK Compiler

If you are automate projects are large and you are using other .NET external packages we strongly recommend you to use the SDK compiler.

It allows you to have access to all features of .NET compiler like build parameters.

To use .NET SDK Compiler you must install it on your system, if you already installed it then you can select it on automate settings.


cTrader Automate has several parameters that you can use on .NET CLI when building your cBots/Indicators:

Name Default Value Description
AlgoName $(MSBuildProjectName) Out .algo file name.
Important: this property does not affect the AssemblyName.
AlgoBuild True Enables .algo file build.
AlgoPublish True Enables .algo file copying to MyDocuments directory of current user after successful build.
IncludeSource False Includes source directory to target .algo file.
IncludeSymbols False (Release)
True (Debug)
Includes debug symbols to target .algo file.

Last update: July 1, 2022