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cTrader Automate UI Solutions

cTrader Automate offers several solutions for developers to use as UI:

  • Chart Controls: A collection of interactive feature rich WPF like controls that you can use on cTrader Automate to create controls on a chart that allows user to interact with your cBot/indicator
  • Chart Objects: These are objects that you can draw on a chart with code or by using cTrader desktop chart tools
  • WinForms: You can use .NET WinForms in your cTrader cBots/indicators, you can use Visual studio WinForms designer to design your forms and then you can run them from your cBot or indicator
  • WPF: If all of the above options were not enough for you and you needed something really advanced you can also use WPF

We will describe each of the abovementioned options with code samples in subsequent pages.


WinForms and WPF are Windows only and they only work on a Windows machines.

Last update: July 1, 2022