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Installing cTrader Algos

After attaining an algo from a third-party developer, you may need to install and use it quickly to avoid missing out on profitable market opportunities.

Fortunately, cTrader allows you to install and use new algos in just three action described below.

Receive and Download the Algo File

There are several different ways you could use to attain an .algo file for the algorithm you would like to use. For example, you could visit the 'cBots' section or the 'Indicators' section in the official cTrader portal, search the available algorithms and find something that interests you.

Alternatively, you could also receive .algo files directly from developers via messengers (e.g., Telegram), file transfer services, or email. As long as these files come from trusted third parties, downloading them should pose no risks to your trading activities or your cTrader instance.

Launch the Algo File

To add a new algo to cTrader, simply click on the file you have just downloaded. You should see the following window containing the name of the algo you have just installed.

Image title


If the window contains an error, simply try clicking on the .algo file again or contact the original developer of the algorithm.

Use the Algo

At this point, you can freely switch to the 'Automate' application in cTrader and search for the newly installed algorithm in the corresponding tab.

Source Code

Depending on how the algorithm was built by its original developer, you may or may not see its source code in the code editor window. Note that gaining access to the algorithm source code is impossible unless it is allowed by the developer.

All that is left is to create an instance; you can learn more about doing so by reading the corresponding tutorials for cBots and indicators.

Last update: September 29, 2023