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cTrader Automate functionality allows automating your trading process by using the cBots and improving trading by using the Indicators. The cBots are custom configurable strategies that can execute trades independently without human control or monitoring. The Indicators are used to help in manual trading, as well as to be integrated into cBots to indicate the trends and providing signals for potential changes in trends.

One can build cBots and Indicators using the Automate code editor, backtest them for verification and finally use them. This guide is designed to show you how to create and use the cBots. Please find the comprehensive information on the Indicators below in this document.

The key advantage of using the cBots is that they facilitate entering trades more accurately as they can send orders faster than a human. You simply need to start a cBot and then stop it manually or programmatically.

The trading API of cTrader Automate provides synchronous as well as asynchronous trade operation methods. The synchronous operation means that each statement in the code will be completed before execution proceeds to the next one. In asynchronous operation, when a request is sent to the server, the program continues to execute the next statements, without waiting for the response from the server.

Note that cBots examples in this guide are not intended to produce any profit, they are designed for instructional purposes only. Also, this guide assumes some basic knowledge of the C# programming language.

To start using cBots, select Automate in the cTrader main menu.