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Name Description
Chart Represents the Chart Interface.
ChartAndrewsPitchfork Represents the Andrew's Pitchfork chart object. A tool that helps to identify possible support and resistance levels with the three parallel lines.
ChartArea The Chart Area Interface.
ChartArrow Represents the arrow chart object.
ChartColorSettings Represents the charts Color Settings.
ChartDisplaySettings Represents the chart display settings.
ChartDrawing Represents the Drawing chart object.
ChartEllipse Represent the Ellipse chart object.
ChartEquidistantChannel Represents the Equidistant Channel chart object. The tool that allows drawing two precisely parallel lines in any direction on the chart.
ChartFibonacciBase Represents the Fibonacci tools options.
ChartFibonacciExpansion Represents the Fibonacci Expansion chart object.
ChartFibonacciFan Represents the Fibonacci Fan chart object.
ChartFibonacciRetracement Represents the Fibonacci Retracement chart object.
ChartFibonacciTimezones Represents the Fibonacci Timezones chart object.
ChartHorizontalLine Represents the Horizontal Line chart object. Used to mark a certain value on the Y-axis throughout the whole chart.
ChartIcon Represents the Icon chart object.
ChartIconType Represents the type of the Icon.
ChartObject Represents the chart object.
ChartObjectType The chart object types.
ChartRectangle Represents the Rectangle chart object. A rectangle of any preferable size and rotation that can be drawn directly in the chart, bound to X-Y axises.
ChartShape Represents the Shape chart object. Allows drawing a Rectangle, a Triangle, and an Ellipse on the chart.
ChartStaticText Represents the chart static text.
ChartText Represents the Text chart object. Allows place the text anywhere on the chart, bound to the chart.
ChartTrendLine Represents the Trend Line chart object. A straight line that can be drawn from point 1 to the point 2 in any direction to mark the trends on the chart.
ChartTriangle Represents the Triangle chart object.
ChartType Represents the predefined chart types.
ChartVerticalLine Represents the Vertical Line chart object. The line parallel to the Y-axis that can be set on a certain time value on the X-axis.
FibonacciLevel Represents the Fibonacci Level.
HorizontalAlignment Describes horizontal position related to an anchor point or a parent element
IndicatorArea Represents the area where the Indicator is placed.
LineStyle An enumeration of different stroke styles used to render lines.
VerticalAlignment Describes vertical position related to an anchor point or a parent element.