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The container class for the main cAlgo.API Interfaces.


public class Algo




Name Description
CreateDataSeries Initialization of an IndicatorDataSeries.
BeginInvokeOnMainThread Invokes asynchronously the specified code on the main cBot or Indicator thread.
RefreshData Updates MarketSeries, Positions, PendingOrders, History, etc.And sends postponed events after Thread sleep call.If you put the main thread on sleep by calling Thread sleep methodthen you have to call RefreshData after Thread wakes up to sendthe postponed events while thread was sleeping.
Print Prints a message to the Log.


Name Description
MarketSessions { get; } Returns current market sessions
Indicators { get; } Access to the built-in Indicators.
Notifications { get; } Represents the notifications, such as sounds and email.
TimeFrame { get; } Access to the TimeFrame values.
Server { get; } Server related information.
TimeZone { get; } TimeZone of a cBot or an Indicator.
Positions { get; } The list of all open positions of the account.
PendingOrders { get; } The array of all Pending Orders of the account.
History { get; } Represents the collection of all historical trades of the account.
Timer { get; } Access to the Timer object.
Time { get; } Returns the current server time. The shortcut to the Server.Time property.
TimeInUtc { get; } Returns the current server time in UTC. The shortcut to the Server.TimeInUtc property.
Chart { get; } Represents the chart where cBot or Indicator is launched.
Assets { get; } Returns list of all available assets.
SymbolName { get; } Gets or sets the symbol name.
Symbols { get; } Gets the symbol names.
Symbol { get; } Represents the current symbol provides access to its properties and certain methods
Bid { get; } Gets the symbol bid price.
Ask { get; } Gets the symbol ask price.
Watchlists { get; } Gets the watchlist.
Bars { get; } The collection of Bar objects.
MarketData { get; } Provides access to the Depth of Market Data.
RunningMode { get; } Defines if a cBot is running in real time, in the silent backtesting mode, in the visual backtesting mode, or in the optimization mode.
IsBacktesting { get; } True if a cBot is in the Backtesting mode, otherwise False.
Application { get; } Represents the application.
ChartObjects { get; }
MarketSeries { get; }


Name Description
MarketSessionsChanged Occurs when market sessions change

Last update: December 5, 2022