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Market Data

Name Description
Asset The asset represents a currrency
Bar Represents the Bar object.
Bars Represents the Bars interface - the collection of Bar objects.
LeverageTier Tier of dynamic leverage.
MarketData Provide access to charts data (bars and ticks) and to the Depth of Market data.
MarketDataLoadException Represents errors that occur during loading market data (Bars/Ticks)
MarketDepth Access to MarketDepth Ask Entries, Bid Entries and the event at which the market depth gets updated
MarketDepthEntry Provides access to market depth prices and volumes
MarketHours Access to symbol's trading sessions schedule
RoundingMode The rounding mode for normalizing trade volume.
Symbol Represents a currency pair.
SymbolInfo Represents the Symbol interface.
Symbols Represents the list of all the symbols with the symbol names as string values.
Tick Represents the Tick object.
Ticks Represents the Ticks interface - the collection of Tick objects.
TradingSession Trading session schedule

Last update: June 26, 2022