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Name Description
Error Encapsulates an error code.
ErrorCode Enumeration of standard error codes.
HistoricalTrade Represents the historical trade interface.
History Provides access to methods of the historical trades collection
PendingOrder Provides access to properties of pending orders
PendingOrderCancellationReason The reason for the order cancellation.
PendingOrders Provides access to methods of the Pending Orders collection
PendingOrderType Represents the type (Limit or Stop) of pending order.
Position Taking or opening a position means buying or selling a trading pair.
PositionCloseReason The reason for closing the position.
Positions Provides access to methods of the positions collection.
StopTriggerMethod The trigger side for the Stop Orders.
TradeOperation Provides access to the properties describing an asynchronous trade operation.
TradeResult The result of a trade operation.
TradeType The direction of a trade order.