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cTrader Deeplinks


This documentation describes cTrader deeplinks, their use cases, and their benefits.

Deeplinks are special URLs that, upon being opened by a user, transfer said user to a certain screen in cTrader Web or Mobile. Using query parameters, it is possible to perform certain actions (e.g., switching the language of the cTrader application opened by a user) before the chosen screen is shown to traders.

The primary function of deeplinks is to facilitate the creation of custom call-to-actions (CTAs) by allowing to direct traders to certain tabs/sections inside cTrader.

Deeplinks only work for the following applications.

  • cTrader Web.
  • cTrader Mobile (both Android and iOS).

Structure of the Documentation

The documentation is divided into four main sections not counting the introduction. These sections are as follows.

  • How Deeplinks Work. This section explains the core functionality of deeplinks and how deeplinks work in broker OAuth flows.
  • Use Cases. This guide lists the main use cases of deeplinks.
  • Cross-Platform Deeplins. This page provides an extensive list of deeplinks that work on both cTrader Web and Mobile.
  • Mobile Only Deeplinks. This section focuses on the deeplinks that are unique to cTrader Mobile.