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How Deeplinks Work

All deeplinks described in this documentation are relative to a certain URL that is used to host your cTrader application. In general, these URLs follow the "app.{brokerName}.com" or the "ct.{brokerName}.com" convention, where "brokerName" is the predefined designation of a specific brokerage.

Example: Open the Live Account Creation Screen

The "" link leads to the live account creation screen in non-branded cTrader applications.

The majority of deeplinks are cross-platform, meaning that they retain their functionality regardless of the platform where they were opened. However, some deeplinks are only relevant to cTrader Mobile.

In the case a user who does not have cTrader Mobile installed on their device attempts to open a deeplink, they will be transferred to their platform-specific means of downloading cTrader Mobile. After the application is installed and opened, and the user logs in under one of their accounts, they will be transferred to the screen to which the deeplink originally led.

Note that the cTrader UX is different between Mobile and Web applications. Consider the following example.

  • Upon clicking on the 'Place Order' button, cTrader Web users are taken to the 'New Order' window.
  • Upon tapping on 'New Order', cTrader Mobile users are taken to the 'Create Order' screen.

When a user proceeds to the " link on Web, they will be presented with the 'New Order' window prompting them to place a market order. On Mobile, users will, instead, be transferred to the 'Create Order' screen allowing them to place a market order.

In other words, deeplinks work correctly regardless of the UX-related differences between cTrader Web and Mobile. This documentation uses terms such as "the 'Create Market Order' dialog" as joint notations to denote analogous functionality across these applications.

In case a cTrader application uses OAuth flows, all cross-platform links will open the correct branded OAuth screen when opened by cTrader Web.

When opened using cTrader Mobile, cTrader deeplinks will, instead, display the usual cTrader dialogs rather than the branded OAuth screens.