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Mobile-Only cTrader Deeplinks

The deeplinks listed below only work when accessed on mobile devices.

Link Definition
/price-alerts Opens the 'Price Alerts' tab.
/price-alerts/create/{symbol} Opens the 'Create Alert' screen for the symbol whose name matches {symbol}.
/search Opens the 'Find & Add Symbols' screen.
/symbols Opens the 'Watchlists' tab.
/symbols/add If 'Popular Markets' is the currently open watchlist (which is the case by default), opens the 'Clone Popular Markets' popup.
If any custom watchlist is currently open, opens the 'Find & Add Symbols' dialog.

The 'TradeWatch' Display

Link Definition
/deal/{dealID} Opens the deal details screen for the deal the identifier of which matches {dealID}.


Link Definition
/deposit Opens the 'Deposit' screen.

Last update: November 30, 2023