Creating a cTID by a Broker

Depending on your broker's flow, a cTrader ID can be created by the broker's administrator.

In this case, you need to provide the broker with your email address. After a cTID is created, you will receive the 'Welcome to cTrader ID' message with a request to confirm your email. Click on 'Confirm Email' to complete this action.

The broker also creates a trading account for you, and cTrader notifies you about this action via email.


Your trading accounts with the broker are automatically linked to your cTID. After logging into cTrader with your cTID, you will see the respective broker's trading accounts. If you have created another cTID, contact your broker to link or relink your existing trading account(s) to your new cTrader ID.

When your cTID is created by the broker, you need to set a password.