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Change Credentials

To change your cTID credentials, click on 'Edit' in the 'cTrader ID Credentials' section of the 'Overview' page or go straightly to the 'Credentials' page.

Here, you can change your current cTID username, email, and password.

Change cTID Username

To change the cTID username, enter the desired name in the corresponding field and press 'Change Username'. The name will change immediately, no confirmation is required.

Change Email

Input the desired email address and click on 'Change Email' to link your cTID to another email.

You will receive a notification to your old email address where you will need to confirm this action. Afterward, you will be redirected to the cTID website, and another notification will be sent to your new email address. Check the inbox of your new email and confirm the request.

Now, your cTID email address has been changed.

Change Password

To change your cTID password, enter your current password, a new password, repeat the new password and click on 'Change Password'. The password will be changed immediately.


If you forgot your password and cannot access the cTrader ID website, simply reset your password. Alternatively, you can click on 'Forgot Password' in any cTrader application. We have a separate guide detailing how to reset a cTID password.