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Common Questions

What is cTrader Invite?

It is an all-in-one cTrader functionality allowing to generate and manage Invite links, attribute invited traders to partners, share partners’ contacts, track invite statistics, and promote partners’ products.

Is cTrader Invite available in my app?

'Invite' is only available in cTrader applications that are branded by brokers. Inquire with your broker if you cannot find cTrader Invite in your cTrader suite.

How is a partner different from a trader?

A partner is an individual or entity who collaborates with a broker by promoting products and helping traders. A trader performs trading actions on the platform but can convert into a partner after registering with the broker as such.

If I Am an Invited Trader…

Who is my partner?

cTrader Invite suggests that you can see your current partner’s profile in the 'Partner' tab. If you have this tab, the entire 'Invite' application will appear as 'Partner' in the cTrader UI.

Why do I see several partners in the ‘Partner’ tab?

The 'Partner' tab displays your current partner as well as other partners you have come across. Only one partner can be 'current' at the moment.

Why is my partner’s profile invisible?

Your partner’s profile may be non-public and, therefore, invisible to invited traders. If all of your partners are not public or you do not have a partner, the 'Partner' tab will not show up in your app.

Can I contact my partner/s?

Yes, partners are usually open to support traders invited by them. Your partner’s preferred communication channels are listed in the 'Partner' tab. Unfortunately, you cannot contact a partner with a non-public profile or hidden contact details.

Can I access my partner’s products?

In the 'Partner' tab of cTrader Invite, you will be able to review your partner’s products (e.g., Copy strategies) provided that the partner owns and wants to disclose them. Additionally, partners can select their favourite (i.e., belonging to other partners) products to be shown.

How can I stay with my current partner?

You will be definitely staying with your current partner throughout the guaranteed attribution period. Use your partner’s products (e.g., Copy strategies), and automatic reattribution will never occur inside cTrader even if you click on other partners’ Invite links. Also, your partner’s profile should remain public (i.e., stay visible in the 'Partner' tab) to prevent automatic reattribution.

How can I change my current partner?

After the mandatory attribution period elapses, you can change your current partner manually by pressing 'Make Current' on another partner’s card in the 'Partner' tab. Alternatively, you can follow another partner’s Invite link for automatic reattribution. In the latter case, reattribution will occur only if you are not using the current partner’s products and the partner’s profile is not public.

Yes, Invite links are readable for ordinary users because they carry a partner’s nickname in the end as a (u) parameter (e.g., u=letstrade747). If you delete it manually, the link will no longer be an Invite link but will still work in the cTrader ecosystem.

No, the attribution flow depends on the broker. Some brokers allow you to stay inside their branded cTrader apps during attribution, thus making the user experience uninterrupted. And some brokers redirect invited traders from the platform to their site for attribution.

Can I become a partner myself?

It is easier than you think. Contact your broker for entry requirements and qualify for registration as a partner. You will continue using cTrader Invite with all partner features available to you.

If I Am a Partner…

Both serve as attribution identifiers for the broker side. Your branded app will prompt which one to input at the top of the 'Settings' tab. Inquire with your broker about what specific BRL or Partner ID was assigned to you.

What should traders do to get attributed?

After clicking on an Invite link, traders need to complete additional actions on the platform to be redirected to the broker’s site via a BRL. You set up these trigger actions in the 'Settings' tab. In cTrader apps where the attribution flow relies on Partner IDs, the procedure is simpler because invited traders stay inside the app and no redirect actions are needed.

Is a Partner ID allocated per user or to each partner’s account?

A Partner ID can be allocated at a user (cTID) and at an account level. The latter enables partners to attribute users to specific trading accounts. You can check with your broker and in the 'Settings' tab how many Partner IDs were assigned to you.

Use the functionality of the 'Invite Link' tab to access Invite links. Here, you can find your basic Invite link and Invite links leading to your existing products. Any cTrader link you copy while staying logged in on the platform will contain your nickname as a (u) parameter, meaning that it will work as an Invite link when shared.

You can demonstrate your Invite link as a QR code right from the 'Invite Link' tab when invited traders are physically near you. QR codes are customisable and can be generated for your basic Invite link and available product-related Invite links. Additionally, you can copy URLs to the clipboard or send them directly to preferred communication channels via the native sharing functionality of mobile devices.

Some of partners’ existing products are automatically listed as Invite link options in the 'Invite Link' tab (e.g., Copy strategies and Chart Streams). Invite links leading to other features and products from the cTrader ecosystem (e.g., signals, price alerts, deeplinks, etc.) can be generated in other applications.

How will I know that I have invited someone?

You will receive notifications from your cTrader app. You can also monitor your invitation performance in the 'Invited Traders' tab where all attributed users’ nicknames are displayed together with their joining date. Additionally, your broker may update you about every invited trader.

The 'Invited Traders' tab demonstrates performance by an Invite link. Analysing these statistics, you can refine your invitation strategy.

What happens after the guaranteed attribution period is over?

The reattribution inside cTrader will never occur automatically (i.e., after clicking on another partner’s Invite link) on condition that invited traders continue using the current partner’s products or the partner’s profile remains public. However, invited traders receive an opportunity to manually change their partner in the 'Partner' tab.

Can I distribute my products via cTrader Invite?

Yes, the 'Partner' tab also serves as a profile page for your products. Note that partners’ products are shown to invited traders together with their performance stats. The ‘Profile’ settings of cTrader Invite allow you to enable product categories for disclosure in the ‘Partner’ tab (including your favourite products).

Can I promote my products via cTrader Invite?

Yes, cTrader Invite uses effective promotional mechanisms to motivate invited traders to create a cTrader ID, open a trading account, open a live trading account, deposit funds, and trade.

Can I hide my profile from invited traders?

Yes, you can become invisible to all users by disabling 'Make My Profile public' in the 'Profile' settings. Alternatively, your profile can remain public but you can choose not to show it in the 'Partner' section of your invited traders. For public and shown profiles, you can customise the amount of information that is disclosed to invited traders.

Does cTrader Invite remunerate partners for invited traders?

The fees and commissions of referral programs are agreed upon by partners and brokers outside of branded cTrader apps.