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Learn More About cTrader Invite

cTrader Invite is a powerful application that you can use to invite other traders into cTrader and receive various benefits! Share any cTrader link on any suitable channel, and those who click on it will become your invited traders. Depending on your status with your broker, you may receive additional benefits from inviting new traders. cTrader Invite also contains built-in analytics allowing you to easily track how many traders you have invited previously and plan your next move.

Check our brochure with quick instructions on how to set up cTrader Invite.

cTrader Invite streamlines the attribution process of users in branded applications and simultaneously enhances the user experiences of both invited traders and partners. The 'Invite Link' tab is designed to generate and share Invite links in just a few taps. It allows for managing different Invite links leading to the partner’s products in the cTrader ecosystem.

Invite Link in One Minute!

  • Invite links rely on a sharing mechanism that is familiar to all partners.
  • Any cTrader URL that contains a special (u) parameter carrying a partner’s nickname is an Invite link.
  • Partners can physically demonstrate a QR code, copy an Invite link to the clipboard, or share directly across preferred communication channels.
  • In addition to basic Invite links, the 'Invite Link' tab allows for creating and sharing product-related Invite links (e.g., leading to Copy strategies and Chart Streams).

Regardless of the type of an Invite link, it should contain a special (u) parameter with a partner’s nickname. The presence of this parameter ensures that invited traders are accurately linked to their partners. 

When a trader clicks on an Invite link and creates a cTID (or already has a cTID), they will become your invited trader as long as they have not been previously invited by another partner. An invited trader needs to perform an action inside the platform (e.g., creating a new account) to be redirected to the broker's website, where, if the broker allows it, they will be linked with you upon completing their desired action. Depending on the broker's settings, no redirect to the broker's client area may be necessary.

Web and Desktop


On condition that product-related links on cTrader include a (u) parameter, they will execute the attribution of invited traders to partners. Specific examples of such links are Copy strategies, Chart Streams, signals, etc.

Copy strategy: 

Chart Stream:  

Signal link: 

All cTrader deeplinks with a (u) parameter also execute attribution of users who are following them.

Link to make a deposit:  

Link to create a demo account: 

Link to open the 'Transactions' tab in the 'TradeWatch' display: 


The (u) parameter at the end of an Invite link contains a readable partner’s nickname, which makes the attribution process more transparent and comprehensible for invited traders. They can visually recognise the partner by only seeing an Invite link.

The 'Invite Link' tab of cTrader Invite enables partners to manage multiple links, thus making the start of the attribution process more organised and tailored to specific trader needs. It is also possible to generate a customisable QR code by choosing between a basic Invite link and links leading to specific partner products.

Web and Desktop 02

Mobile 02


The 'Invite Link' tab of cTrader Invite generates QR codes and offers sharing functionality only for basic and certain product-related Invite links.

Some of the partners’ existing products automatically appear as Invite link options in the 'Invite Link' tab. You can create a deeplink with a (u) parameter manually following our instructions on Help Center.

Best Practice

Become a strategy provider in the 'Copy' application of cTrader or launch a Chart Stream in the 'Trade' application. The availability of these products varies depending on the cTrader platform. Afterward, you will manage to access the needed Invite link option in the 'Invite Link' tab of your cTrader app and generate a QR code for it.

Invite links can be shared as a QR code, copied to the clipboard, and sent directly to preferred communication channels via the native sharing functionality of mobile devices.

Web and Desktop 03

Mobile 03

If you contact traders in person, you can demonstrate an Invite QR code right on the screen, and other users will scan it to follow the link and undergo attribution. As an idea, you can add an Invite QR code on your business cards and distribute them physically at trading expos and events.

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If your target traders are remote from you, copying an Invite link or sharing it directly on social media would be more convenient.

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In the end, we would like to come up with the key benefits of Invite links.

  • The 'Invite Link' tab in cTrader apps allows for generating, managing, and storing Invite links in one place.
  • The in-app sharing functionality of Invite links covers all options demanded by partners, including QR codes, URLs, and direct sharing across preferred communication channels on mobile devices.
  • Any Invite link contains a recognisable nickname of the partner, thus making links readable and transparent for invited traders.
  • Partners can distribute their products (e.g., Copy strategies and Chart Streams) more successfully by sharing product-related Invite links. Thus, invited traders will obtain the maximum value from the attribution process.