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Invited Traders

Learn More About cTrader Invite

cTrader Invite is a powerful application that you can use to invite other traders into cTrader and receive various benefits! Share any cTrader link on any suitable channel, and those who click on it will become your invited traders. Depending on your status with your broker, you may receive additional benefits from inviting new traders. cTrader Invite also contains built-in analytics allowing you to easily track how many traders you have invited previously and plan your next move.

Check our brochure with quick instructions on how to set up cTrader Invite.

To make the attribution process fully transparent and regularly update partners about their performance, cTrader Invite offers trader statistics in the 'Invited Traders' tab of branded applications. This solution also addresses the problem of delayed broker-partner communication.

Click/tap here to learn more about Invite links and managing them.

Invited Traders in One Minute!

  • In the cTrader ecosystem, an invited trader is a new or existing platform user who has been attributed to a partner.
  • Invited traders stay with their partners for a guaranteed attribution period. Manual and automatic reattribution is possible after this period is over.
  • The 'Invited Traders' tab includes a counter of total invited traders, a bar chart of traders invited daily, a donut chart of invited traders by link, and the last 100 attributed traders chart.
  • Any invited trader can convert to a partner himself after registering as such.

How to Invite a Trader

The invitation process should comply with these requirements to end in success.

1. The attribution should take place in a branded cTrader application.

2. An invited trader should follow any Invite link from the cTrader ecosystem with a (u) parameter carrying the partner’s nickname.

3. Depending on the broker’s settings, an invited trader needs to complete one of the redirect actions set up by the partner.

4. To remain attributed inside cTrader, invited traders should use the partner’s products or the partner’s profile should be public.


Upon seeing in Discord a Copy strategy link distributed by Trader A, Trader B followed it and installed a branded cTrader application because he was a new user. Having attempted to open a live account for copying, Trader B was redirected to the broker’s site for registration and attribution. Trader B tried to copy the strategies of other partners but still remained attributed to Trader A as the partner’s profile was public.

How to Interpret the Stats

The counter of total invited traders commences the 'Invited Traders' tab. It indicates the current number of traders who comply with the Invite requirements outlined above. In brackets, the number of invited traders who joined/quit today is shown.

Web and Desktop


Further, a bar chart visualises daily clicks that did not lead to attribution and the number of invited traders over the last 15 days. As exemplified in this guide earlier, not every click on an Invite link leads to attribution.

Web and Desktop 02

Mobile 02

A donut chart will illustrate the performance of each Invite link in terms of the invited traders’ quantity. By analysing these stats, partners will be able to detect the best-performing Invite links.

Web and Desktop 03

Mobile 03

Finally, a chart listing the invited traders’ nicknames, attribution dates, and activated Invite links concludes the 'Invited Traders' tab. The last 100 attributed traders list can be exported from cTrader apps as a downloadable file.

Web and Desktop 04

Mobile 04


Even a quick glance at the 'Invited Traders' tab would be enough to highlight these benefits.

  • Invited traders are automatically added to the 'Invited Traders' tab speeding up the broker-partner information exchange.
  • Invited traders stay with their partners within a guaranteed period to make the relationship more lasting and durable.
  • Invited traders are accurately included in the recent statistics of branded cTrader apps, thus allowing partners to monitor their actual performance.
  • The 'Invited Traders' tab enables partners to detect the most popular product-related Invite links, and correspondingly, the most demanded products.